The best of Senegal Tours for 2021/2022 is carefully curated by our travel experts in Dakar, Senegal. Our Travel Experts in Senegal can always assist you in planning a tailor-made vacation that includes private tours of Dakar, Saint Louis, Goree Island, The Pink Lake, etc.

  1. The Best of Senegal – Experience the Best of Senegal on this 8-day tour. Highlights of this tour include; Dakar, Goree Island, Pink Lake, St Louis, Djoudj, Kaolack, Toubacouta, Mbour, Joal Fadiouth, Saly, and Bandia Park.
  2. Explore Senegal & Gambia – Tour Senegal and the Gambia! Experience an excursion across two of West Africa’s most important locations, one French and the other English. Your starting point is bustling Dakar, where you will visit the lively markets and residential districts, the UNESCO world heritage site Goree Island, and the ecological wonder, Pink Lake. Travel by road to the Gambia and traverse the famous Gambie Bolong which runs across this small, Smiling Coast of Africa. Beware, these are memories that last forever!
  3. Authentic Cultural Experience of Senegal – Experience the Authentic Culture of Senegal on this 6 Day tour. Highlights of this tour include; the African Renaissance Monument, Goree Island, Pink Lake, Kaolack, Touba, Ndagane, Saly, and many more.
  4. Dak‘Art & St Louis Jazz Festival – The Dakar Biennale (Dak’Art festival) is a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place once every two years in Dakar, Senegal. Join us for this amazing display of talent from across Africa, alongside the world-renowned St. Louis Jazz Festival; with Jazz Musicians from around the world in Saint Louis, Senegal, a town bursting with French colonial charm.
    Visit Dakar, Senegal’s Capital City, with its vibrant markets, historical museums, the famous Goree Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to ‘The Door of no Return” and the curiously colored Pink Lake.
  5. Discover Senegal – Although Senegal has a lot to offer, you could easily spend your entire stay taking in the sights and sounds of bustling Dakar, the country’s capital and gateway to West Africa. But don’t be tempted, as there are more interesting sites than your time will allow. Get away from Dakar and see some of Senegal’s gems including Pink Lake, a rare phenomenon located only an hour from Dakar, where the high concentration of salt and microorganisms gives the water its unique pink color. A twenty minutes ferry ride takes you to Goree Island, where the tranquil atmosphere and pastel-colored houses betray Goree’s infamous past. If you are near Dakar on Sunday you may schedule a few hours to visit Abbaye de Keur Moussa, a Benedictine monastery built in the early 1900s and where Sunday mass is celebrated accompanied by traditional African musical instruments such as Koras, Balafons, and Soft Drums.