Our Local Experts

Meet some fascinating locals who are passionate about their home.

Continent Tours welcomes you with open arms into our captivating corner of the world. Because we want to share the wonders of Africa, we design trips for leisure, business, and academic travel groups. Our destination experts understand the diverse cultures, languages, and traditions of their region of Africa – from Cape Town to Timbuktu and all points between. You can trust that these experts will have the experience and knowledge to responsibly handle any and all changes to your itinerary.

Destination Manager

Mamadou Goita

Mamadou was born in Sikasso, Mali’s breadbasket in the southern region. He graduated from the University of Bamako, where he studied literature, English, French, and German. His experience in the hotel and tourism industry, along with his widespread knowledge of West African tourism, prepared him for his role as General Manager. Although he’s stationed in Mali, he oversees operations in several countries in West and Central Africa.

Mamadou has traveled extensively throughout West and Central Africa.

Tours & Meeting Planning Manager

Ousmane Guindo

Our senior Tours & Meeting Planning Manager was born in Anakila, a small Dogon village near the Bandiagara Escarpment in Mali. Ousmane lived in several villages throughout Mali, following his father to wherever his teaching career led him. This provided him with a vast knowledge of the various cultures, languages, and customs of Malian ethnic groups. He graduated from the University of Bamako where he studied languages; he speaks French and English fluently and German at an intermediate level.

His career in the hospitality industry started with the renowned international hotel group Kempinski, which gave him the opportunity to explore Chad, Switzerland, and Spain. Ultimately, his love for the outdoors and meeting people from different cultures led to Kempinski’s loss and our good fortune. Now he leads tours and manages conferences throughout West Africa and won’t be satisfied unless every aspect of your program exceeds expectations.

Ibrahima Dembele

Tours & Reservations Manager

Ibrahima Dembele

Ibrahima was born in Bamako and studied law at the University of Bamako before his interest in tourism was ignited. He constantly impresses us with his detailed knowledge of West African festivals, celebrations, and cultural events, but Ibra’s secret talent is finding that last seat on a “sold out” flight.

Senegal Country Manager

Mariam Traore

Mariam started with Continent Tours at our inception in Ghana. Born in Guinea-Conakry, she eventually studied in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana and currently resides in Senegal. Her extensive travel throughout West Africa has led to an encyclopedic knowledge of hotels, guest houses, lodges, and other accommodations throughout West and Central Africa—whether your destination is the bustling city of Lagos or Dakar, or the remote villages of Ghana, Mauritania, or Guinea-Conakry.

Mariam is fluent in French and English, as well as several regional dialects that help her cut through formalities and snatch the last room in that “fully booked” accommodation just in time for your convention.