Before You Go…

A Continent Tours Checklist

It can be somewhat chaotic to get ready for a trip. Even for seasoned tourists, it might be nearly hard to remember every minute detail. Here is a thorough Continent Tours checklist to help reduce some of the anxiety before leaving. 

  1. Consult your physician. Verify again that you are up to date on any necessary prescriptions and that you are fully immunized. 
  2. Bring copies of your passport in color. You need to know that you can still enter the nation or demonstrate your citizenship if your passport is stolen or misplaced. 
  3. Passport copies should be left behind. Leave a copy of your passport at home or with a trusted friend or relative as an extra precaution. Think about creating a digital copy that you may save in your email account as well.
  4. Before you leave, check the currency conversion. You gain a feeling of the worth of your money before you travel, make sure to perform your math. 
  5. Verify that your credit card will function in the nation you are going. Fewer companies abroad are still taking the antiquated magnetic-strip cards since European banks have almost entirely migrated to the safer chip-and-PIN system. 
  6. Always carry local currency. Credit cards are not always accepted. Particularly significant locations, such as trains or buses 
  7. Call your bank or credit card company and let them know you’re going on vacation. Banks will occasionally disable your card as a security measure if transactions start occurring unexpectedly somewhere other than your billing address and they suspect fraud. 
  8. Look up the entry and departure costs for the nation. Some nations charge visitors a fee to enter or leave the country. These charges, which can differ, are not included in the cost of your airline ticket. 
  9. Bring a charger adapter. Countries have different size plugs and voltage. So, if you want to use your iPod, make sure you can charge it. A power strip can be a way to cheat and charge multiple devices off of one adapter. 
  10. Your electronics’ voltage should be checked. Even with an adapter, some equipment, like blow dryers and straighteners, won’t work in that country since the voltage isn’t high enough. 
  11. Turn on the international features of your phone. There is typically a fee associated with doing this, but it is significantly less than the roaming fees you would incur otherwise. 
  12. In your carry-on bag, place an extra set of clothes. An extra outfit in your carry-on is preferable than any “I City-you’re-Visiting” gear because things happen with planes. 
  13. Whether or not to check a bag. How much luggage can be checked or brought on board for free depends on the airline? To prevent any additional expenses, be sure to research the policies of your airline. Additionally, if you are connecting during your trip, be aware of the baggage policies and charges for those flights, particularly for low-cost or regional airlines. 
  14. A bag of goodies. Small snacks can keep you satisfied between meals or while you search for the ideal restaurant that offers the authentic dining experience you desire. 
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