December in Ghana: Events you can’t miss this December

Christmas is almost here and everyone is excited to spend some quality time with family and friends. No matter how old you are, Christmas never gets boring. There will be food, drinks, gifts, crackers, stockings, and many more things that will make this Christmas memorable for all of us. There are so many Christmas events […]

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The Top 10 Mistakes Made by Travelers

As the saying goes, you learn from your mistakes, but mistakes are the last thing you want when you are traveling.  Last-minute flights, extra costs, or canceled trips are all things that are best avoided. But when it comes to avoiding common mistakes, it’s better to learn from somebody else’s bitter experience. Here is a […]

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The Different Types of Waterfall

Waterfalls are fascinating because they’re all so different. Some are tall and powerful, others are short and tranquil. Because they’re all so unique they can be difficult to categorize, but every waterfall on the planet can be put into one of these 12. Plunge The Plunge is the daddy of all waterfalls. It’s used to […]

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Tourism in Senegal

Ever since the 1970’s tourism has been and will continue to be a very important part of Senegal’s economy. It is filled with culture and tradition to be discovered and unearthed in the many forms of art found here. Museums, galleries, and festivals of a truly great nation will satisfy even the most culturally demanding […]

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Planning a Volunteering Vacation in Africa

Travelling with a view to volunteering for a cause or charitable scheme is very popular. Often associated with students, this type of travel is actually popular with people of all ages. Skills such as teaching and building are much sought after and using them in this way can be very rewarding. Destinations There are a […]

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Top Five Places to Visit in Accra

Accra is one of the hip and modern cities of Africa. It is one of the most populous areas of the African country Ghana. There is an international airport as well to which you can reach by finding cheap flights to Accra by Reliance Travels or any of the other reliable traveling agencies. The international [...]
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What Makes a Great All Inclusive Holiday For Kids?

If you are traveling with young children, an all-inclusive holiday can be absolutely ideal. You don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant and budgeting for meals, as all of your food will be provided at the resort. When you book you will know exactly what the total cost of your trip will be so […]

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Travel Tips For Those Travelling Abroad With Kids

You save, you plan, you select your good break, what might probably go wrong? A late flight, lost baggage? troubled to stay the kids occupied? This guide can assist you to stay calm once motion with children. Give the children very little Jobs to try to Airports don’t seem to be terribly exciting places for […]

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Tips for Organising a Successful School Camping Trip

The pressure of paperwork, preparation, and responsibility when organizing trips seems to be too much for some teachers. However, they are denying themselves one of the most rewarding experiences open to them and they needn’t be so afraid. I don’t have time! Teaching is not an easy job. It is not your normal 9 to […]

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Chale Wote Street Festival in James Town, Accra, Ghana

James Town, a coastal suburb of Accra though not well known to foreigners or even to some Ghanaians, is one of the more vibrant and creative neighborhoods in Greater Accra. You have not experienced the full diversity of Greater Accra until you have spent at least a few hours in this community which has always […]

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