SafariMay 25

On Kenya Safari- Jot Nature in Diary and Memory Lane!

Luxury is among the words which could be explaining anything than wildlife. In contrast to this very popular idea, Kenya is supposed

Ski ResortMay 13

Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime Working At A Ski Resort

People always tell you that you’re only young once, but you don’t fully understand what they mean until you’re old

May 5

Everest And The Great Pretenders

In amongst articles predicting nuclear holocaust and/or an attack on Iran I found a dusty old traveling article on the BBC website. It

Apr 30

Three… Two… One… Lift Off… And Stretch!

We all know how uncomfortable flying can make us. Being trapped in a tiny chair with limited legroom for hours on end is a recipe for

Apr 19

Splash And Play With Water This Summer

With the summer around the corner and temperatures set to reach all new highs, the water as always poses to be just what everyone’s

Feb 13

Tips for Organising a Successful School Camping Trip

The pressure of paperwork, preparation and responsibility when organising trips seems to be too much for some teachers. However, they

Jan 9

Educational Tours: to Enrich your Knowledge

Nobody likes being stuck in a stuffy classroom, especially when the sun is shining. Instead of letting the children sweat and stare out

Sep 11

Travel Tips For Those Travelling Abroad With Kids

You save, you plan, you select your good break, what might probably go wrong? A late flight, lost baggage? troubled to stay the kids

May 26

The Basics Of A Backpacking Break

Of the various types of holiday you can enjoy, the backpacking break is often seen as being the most adventurous but also the one most