Dec 5

Continent Tours listing with + GIVEAWAY!!!

Dear fellow adventurers! Today we are truly excited to announce that one of our tours, and namely the Ghana, Togo & Benin including

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Jun 22

Visiting West Africa: A Month-by Month Guide of Exciting Things to Do and See

Want to visit West Africa but not sure when’s the best time to go? The good news is that there’s always something interesting to

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May 15

12 Cultural Experiences to Stir Your Soul in West Africa

Travel can relax you, amaze you, excite you—even educate you. But the best travel experiences are the ones that move beyond the surface

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Apr 24

10 Ways Travelling to Africa Makes You More Attractive

If you thought the best reasons to travel were to enrich your life and develop a sense of adventure, think again. A study by an international

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Dec 5

Why Ghana Is the Perfect Destination for 50+ Travelers

Life can be pretty wonderful for a 50+ empty-nester—more time to spend doing things you enjoy, more freedom to take life at your own

Sep 7

Preparing For The Ultimate Tourist Experience: The African Safari

Imagine yourself in the heart of the Kenyan bush. You have just been woken up by your family at daybreak because it’s time to head

Aug 26

Chale Wote Street Festival in James Town, Accra, Ghana

James Town, a coastal suburb of Accra though not well known to foreigners or even to some Ghanaians, is one of the more vibrant and creative

May 25

On Kenya Safari- Jot Nature in Diary and Memory Lane!

Luxury is among the words which could be explaining anything than wildlife. In contrast to this very popular idea, Kenya is supposed

May 13

Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime Working At A Ski Resort

People always tell you that you’re only young once, but you don’t fully understand what they mean until you’re old