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Tourism in Senegal

Since the 1970s, tourism has been and will continue to be a significant part of Senegal’s economy. This place brims with culture and tradition and offers many forms of art waiting to be discovered and unearthed. Additionally, the museums, galleries, and festivals of this truly great nation can even satisfy the most culturally demanding tourist.

The mild and friendly climate, great waters for fishing, and picturesque beaches that rival the best holiday destinations, along with a dark history of the slave trade, have made Senegal better known. Consequently, tourists often visit Dakar, the capital of Senegal, which is a modern city featuring good modern architecture contrasted by colonial buildings.

Moreover, tours at various national parks and reserves offer up-close encounters with rare African wildlife. Niokolo-Koba national park, a world heritage site, holds the distinction of being one of the very few pieces of land on the planet where little or no human intervention exists.

Despite this, Senegal’s geographic location in the westernmost region of Africa puts it in a tourist hot spot. It is only a 5 to 7-hour ride from European and American countries, making it an easy destination for culture-savvy tourists. Furthermore, with around 3000 hours of sunshine a year, Senegal is the perfect winter escape for those who wish to celebrate chilly winters in a pleasant and warm climate.

Although Senegal has had French influences over the years, it has maintained its own dash of exotic landscape, rich culture, music, food, and kind people. Additionally, the coral reefs along the coast display the beauties of the oceanic world with stunning sea life, making scuba diving a popular activity for locals and tourists alike.

Moreover, the capital Dakar is a cruise ship hub, and tourists can find great party opportunities in the city’s many clubs and hot spots. Additionally, African merchandise is available at duty-free shops.

For those seeking tradition, festivals, and culture, Saint Louis is a great port to experience Africa at its best. You can explore the city on foot or in classical horse-drawn carriages.

Furthermore, a visit to the Saloum Delta is a must for eco-tourists. You can reach this pristine mixture of river, sea, and land, where people practice eco-tourism as a way of life, by taking a four-hour drive from Dakar. It is located just north of the border with the Gambia.

The delta is home to a handful of well-accommodated hotels situated on the many small islands that comprise it, drawing in all sorts of travelers.

Therefore, if you want to experience great tourism in Senegal in a pleasant climate, all while enjoying great food and the company of great people, then you must add Senegal to your list of places to see before you die.