Christmas is almost here, and everyone is excited to spend some quality time with family and friends. No matter how old you are, Christmas never gets boring. Also, Food, drinks, gifts, crackers, stockings, and many more things will make this Christmas memorable for all of us on this Ghana tour.

In summary, So many Christmas events are happening in Accra, Ghana this year that it’s hard to know where to begin… Here’s a quick rundown of the best events in Accra.

  1. Amapiano & Brunch
    Firstly, Food and music are two things that, when put together, can easily get even the most stoic person out of their seat and on their feet. Each Sunday in December, Front/Back will be hosting Amapiano and Brunch with some of the finest DJs in the city.
    This will be part of the events leading to the Afrochella Festival also happening in December. For more information, follow the official Twitter account or visit this page to book your tickets now December in Ghana events
  2. Afrochella Festival
    Secondly, Afrochella is a celebration of Africa’s diverse culture and the vibrant work of African creatives & entrepreneurs. The festival is designed to elevate and highlights Africa’s thrilling and thriving millennial talent by introducing an interactive event that teaches, explains, and explores various cultures through a pioneering approach. Afrochellans will experience art and creative activities from the continent, celebrate African music, and taste premium and cultured cuisine.
    For more information, follow the official Twitter account or visit this page to book your tickets now – December in Ghana events
  3. The Welcome Party – Touchdown
    The annual official Welcome Party – Touchdown is again off this December in Accra. The third time, they say, is always the charm; hence, this third edition of TOUCHDOWN – THE WELCOME PARTY promises to be super fun with music coming from the UK, USA, and African international DJs.
    We look forward to welcoming and hosting all of you from all over the world (Caribbeans, the UK, USA, Africa, Europe, and Asia) to Accra to celebrate our black heritage and identity under one big roof this year’s TOUCHDOWN. For tickets to this event, visit Eventbrite.

    December in Ghana events
  4. The Jollof Festival 2021
    Therefore, Ghana’s biggest food festival is a celebration of tastes, games, music, arts, and Africa’s Greatest Meal JOLLOF. This is a Free Entry Event happening on the 11th of December. Follow this page @/TheJolloffestival on all social media platforms and stay up to date on everything! It’s the Jollof Festival 2021, bigger, better, and still free for all.
    December in Ghana events
  5. Afrowave 2021
    Likewise, THE AFROWAVE FESTIVAL is happening again. Accra hosts the Afrowave event for the third time. AMAPIANO, AFROBEATS, and more with DJs and Hypernet from the UK, Nigeria, and Ghana. This year’s Afrowave festival will be on DEC 30 at the luxe lounge – inside A&C Mall East Legon. Get early tickets at discounted prices.

    December in Ghana events
    As a result of, Great Anticipation, La Cultura is finally in the Motherland! An Event Full of Straight Good Vibes, Enjoyment, and Celebration! You don’t want to miss this. Book your tickets here.
    December in Ghana events | Ghana Tour


In conclusion, This blog will be updated with new events daily. Make sure to come back for an updated list daily on Ghana tour.