Cape Coast Castle – Top 10 Ghana Tours and Vacation Packages

We have curated the best holiday packages with the help of our Tour guides and top African travel specialists. You get to discover the best things to do and hidden treasures in Ghana. Book tickets and activities online with the best prices guaranteed.

1. Exploring Ashanti Culture and Craft

Get captivated by the legendary history and extraordinary culture of the Ashanti Kingdom on this introductory tour to Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region, Ghana’s second-largest city with nearly 2 million residents.

This region is well noted for its expertise in a variety of specialized crafts. Get immersed in the ancient craft of weaving the boldly colored fabrics of Kente and Adinkra, which are deeply intertwined in Ashanti history. You will visit the studios of indigenous brass-makers, potters, and batik-makers.

Your tour will be incomplete without a visit to the cradle of the exquisite cultures of the Ashantis—the Manhyia Palace, the former residence of the Ashanti Kings. Observe the orderly chaos of Kejetia Market, one of the largest open-air markets in West Africa.

No tour of Ghana is complete without sampling some of Ghana’s most popular traditional dishes, such as Omotuo, made with rice and peanut butter soup, a much tastier experience than the name conveys.

Enjoy a short boat ride on Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana’s largest natural freshwater lake.

Ghana Traditional Kente Cloth (border detail)
Ghana Traditional Kente Cloth (border detail)

2. Ghana Starter Pack

This 3-day starter pack offers a classical introduction to Ghana’s history and culture. Experience Ghana as the natives do, in its nearly undiluted naturalness, with memories worth repeating.

Explore the rich history and culture of the Ga people of Accra as you visit the fascinating community of Accra You will experience the contrast of this sprawling township with modern Accra. Travel through the coastal lands of Elmina and Cape Coast to see the infamous Cape Coast and Elmina Castles and Forts.

Crown your exploration with a visit to Kakum National Park, one of West Africa’s few surviving tropical rain forests, and challenge yourself to complete the walk across the Treetop Canopy walkway, which offers a picturesque view of the forests, or choose a 2-km nature walk through the forest to discover the wide variety of butterflies, birds, and exotic floral species and learn about the medicinal values they offer.

Jamestown Lighthouse, Accra,
Lighthouse, Accra

3. Introducing Ghana Tour

First time in Ghana? This is the best tour for you. On this tour, you get to visit 3 memorial regions in Ghana, namely, Greater Accra (The Capital of Ghana), the Ashanti Region, and the Central Region. All these regions will give you a different cultural and historical experience.

Travel to Accra, Ghana, and visit Manhyia Palace and the Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi. Explore Cape Coast and see the infamous “Door of No Return.”

4. Ghana Historical Tour

Tour Independence Square, Nkrumah Memorial, National Theater, National Museum, Historical Castles, Ashanti Museum and Cultural Sites, Kumasi Fort, the University of Ghana, Museum of Archaeology, and more in this in-depth historical 7 Day tour of Ghana.

Cultural Experience
Cultural Experience

5. Afrochella Festival

AFROCHELLA is a yearly festival designed to highlight & elevate thrilling and thriving millennial talent from and within Africa. The festival features a festive celebration of Ghanaian culture in the form of Art & Fashion Installations, Live painting, The Best of African Cuisine, and Live performances.


6. Discover Ghana, Togo & Benin

Travel with us through Ghana, Togo, and Benin as we explore the ancient history and cultural identity of these three countries. Explore Ghana- the former Gold Coast, famous for its friendly people, rich colorful history, numerous authentic cultural festivals, forts, castles, and other UNESCO heritage sites. Touch the History of Cape Coast and Elmina, once centers of the slave trade.

Encounter Ashanti royalty and learn about the regal history of the Ashanti people. Travel through the rural backroads where the real West Africa resides in every village; cross into Togo and Benin where the history and cultures are no less fascinating. Visit the Royal Palace of Abomey in Benin. Meet village chiefs, observe wildlife and see how local crafts are handmade in time-honored traditions.

7. Unexplored West Africa Tour

West Africa is waiting to be explored! This is a 26-day tour of the West African coast, visiting the nations of Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Not only will you take in the vibrant atmosphere of all these countries’ capital cities, but you will also be able to visit their hidden jewels, such as Ghana’s Kumasi, the center of the famed Ashanti kingdom.


Culture-senegalaise - Authentic Cultural Experience of Senegal
Culture-Senegalese – Authentic Cultural Experience of Senegal

8. Cultural Tour of Ghana & South Africa

Experience Ghana and South Africa on this all-inclusive 14-day multicountry tour which includes visits to the ancient Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi and to UNESCO World Heritage sites in Cape Coast. In South Africa tour Johannesburg, Soweto, and Lesedi Cultural Village – and enjoy a game drive at Pilanesberg National Park. Continue to Cape Town for Table Mountain, Robben Island, the Cape Winelands, and Township tour.

Soweto - 'Big Five' South Africa - Continent tour
Soweto – ‘Big Five’ South Africa – Continent tour

9. Historic Egypt & Ghana

Experience the best of both worlds. This is a 12-Day multicountry Tour of Egypt and Ghana. Explore famous historic sites in Egypt and Ghana. Visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, The Great Pyramids in Giza, and the ancient city of Alexandria. Tour the slave castles in Cape Coast and the ancient Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana.

Pyramids of Giza - Follow the Holy Family in Egypt
Pyramids of Giza – Follow the Holy Family in Egypt

10. Authentic Cultural Experience of Ghana

Join us on this 12-Day Tour of Authentic Cultural Experience as we Explore 5 different regions in Ghana namely, Greater Accra, Volta Region, Northern Regions, Central Region, and Ashanti Region. In the Volta Region, we get to the Hogbetsotso festival. The Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Anlo in the Volta region of Ghana.



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