Buska Lodge is an unpretentious eco-lodge in Southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley that gives guests the best lodging and eating service in the region.

Buska Lodge, which overlooks Buska Mountain’s plains, was designed to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.

Buska Lodge offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about and experience the culture and traditions of the local Hammer population, providing a rare glimpse into the Omo Valley’s cultures.
The Hammer is noted for their Evangadi dance and “Bull leaping” ceremony, in which a young man seeking marriage jumps over a line of bulls to show the pride family his value.

The Hammer share traditions and rituals with surrounding people like the Tsemai, Ari, Karo, and Bena.

This well-designed lodge is ideally located offering comfortable and relaxed visits to the main Omo valley tribes namely, Hammer, Karo, Dassenech, Bume, and Benna.

Covering a total of 30,000 sq. meters area, Buska Lodge’s compound is a fascinating green area with about 120 species of plants.

In addition to the 20 standard bedrooms, the lodge also has 10 roofed camping islands for those who prefer camping. We provide camping gear including spacious waterproof tents, sleeping mattresses, cooking huts, etc.