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Discover Madagascar—a destination that seamlessly blends opulence with exploration. At every twist and turn, you’ll encounter a new marvel. Notably, an astounding 80% of its species are exclusive to this captivating island. Immerse yourself in its pristine woodlands, indulge in the seclusion of untouched beaches, and traverse picturesque rice paddies. All the while, luxuriate in the comfort of exquisite lodges and hidden bungalows. Madagascar presents an exquisite fusion of unspoiled natural beauty and boundless opportunities for recreation.

From the moment you arrive, Madagascar mesmerizes with its unparalleled biodiversity. Moreover, you’ll encounter a tapestry of endemic plants and creatures, unique to this extraordinary island. Traverse the lush forests of Ranomafana National Park, where agile lemurs gracefully traverse the treetops, and vibrant chameleons effortlessly blend into their surroundings. Further, venture to the iconic Avenue of the Baobabs, where ancient giants rise majestically, casting captivating shadows across the landscape. Prepare to be enchanted by the ethereal allure of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, where cascading waterfalls harmonize with the calls of rare avian species.

However, Madagascar’s secluded beaches offer a haven of serenity. Sink your toes into powdery sands as turquoise waves gently lap the shore. Moreover, You Immerse yourself in the azure waters, revealing a vibrant underwater kingdom teeming with marine life. Alternatively, relish the sun’s warm caress as you unwind in luxurious lodges or discover hidden bungalows tucked away amidst nature’s embrace.

Beyond its natural wonders, Madagascar pulsates with cultural richness. Engage with the warm-hearted Malagasy people, renowned for their traditions and welcoming nature. Delight in the fusion of flavors found in Malagasy cuisine, where African, Asian, and European influences harmonize to tantalize your taste buds. Let the vibrant rhythms of traditional music guide your steps, as energetic dances convey the spirit of the island’s vibrant heritage.

In addition, Madagascar weaves together nature’s magnificence and recreational pursuits seamlessly. Traverse verdant rice paddies, observing the agrarian lifestyle that intertwines with the land. Engage in thrilling escapades, such as kayaking along meandering rivers, hiking through rugged terrains, or embarking on wildlife safaris that capture unforgettable moments.

Discover Madagascar, where each corner unravels fresh wonders. Immerse yourself in its natural splendor, relish the comforts of luxury, and embrace the vibrant tapestry of its culture. In conclusion, Unearth the secrets of this captivating island and create enduring memories that will forever enrich your soul.


  • Montane rainforest
  • Pristine rainforests
  • Deserted beaches

Day 01: TANA

Arrive tana, meet assist and transfer to hotel.

Meal(s) Included: No

Hotel: Hotel Palissandre


Visit Madagascar's beautiful east after breakfast. Go to MAROZEVO's "PEYREIRAS AMPHIBIAN and REPTILE PARK." The only place in Madagascar with permission to export reptiles and amphibians is the park, which carries the name of its founder, botanist Andre PEYREIRAS. Nearly all of the representative species of Madagascar chameleons are available for you to view, hold, and feel here. The biggest live chameleon, Calumma parsonii, may be seen here, making it one of the few spots in the world where it is simple to do so. The numerous butterflies, moths, bats, frogs, and even crocodiles that are keeping watch can also be captured on camera.

Driving through what was formerly known as the eastern green forest, which, sadly, is now overrun by bleak slopes in the highlands owing to destruction. The theater's former primary forest gradually disappeared, leaving an ever-growing secondary forest and "savika" vegetation in its place. But happily, this lovely route will take us to the Andasibe forest range and uplightly protected region, also known as Perinet: a still-viable emblem of the Madagascar evergreen east. Check-in.

Start discovering Perinet's treasures. You will be escorted into the forest in the evening to look for nocturnal species including the rufous mouse lemur, sportive lemur, greater dwarf lemur, and eastern wooly lemur. The abundance of chameleons and tree frogs may best be seen at this time.

Meal(s) included: Breakfast

Hotel: Andasibe Hotel.


Mantadia has a stunning primary montane rainforest. Even though it is near to Perinet, it is home to a tiny number of unusual creatures and highly sought-after birds. In the late afternoon, depart for Antananarivo; your guide will be pleased to make stops along the way so you may pause for pictures or to browse the local markets. a single night's lodging at The Royal Palissandre with breakfast.

There are several top-notch restaurants in Antananarivo. Your tour guide would be pleased to provide you with suggestions for evening activities.

Meal(s) included: Breakfast

Hotel: Hotel Palissandre


You'll be transported to the airport where you'll catch a trip to Anjajavy, where you'll stay in an opulent bungalow for four nights and enjoy a number of activities. Anjajavy le Lodge is tucked away on a beautiful peninsula on Madagascar's northwest coast.

Anjajavy exemplifies Madagascar's enormous diversity, unbridled beauty, and the genuine hospitality of its natives. It is located between white sand beaches, clear waters, and a stunning forest preserve.

A huge, lovely pool, many watersports, mountain biking, and superb snorkeling prospects are among the features. Seven beautiful deserted beaches are available to visit in addition to a protected tropical deciduous forest with baobab trees and palissandre, as well as a variety of lemur species and a vast range of fauna, can be found in the lodge's garden.
Overnight at Anjajavy Le Lodge.

Meal(s) included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 05 – Day 07: ANJAJAVY (3 nights)

Enjoy freely all activities offers by the hotel, or relax on beaches.

The hotel suggests various nautical activities, and excursions to be paid on spot.

Meal(s) included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Anjajavy Le Lodge.

Day 08: ANJAJAVY – TANA – Depart

Air transfer to Antananarivo. On Arrival, your guide will meet you and take you to one of artisans’ markets before your return to the airport to check in for your onward flight.


  • Meeting and assistance upon arrival and departure
  • Roundtrip airport/hotel transfers
  • Hotel accommodation in the listed properties
  • Transportation in private vehicle
  • Experienced tour guide
  • Admission to listed sites
  • Meals indicated


  • Flights
  • Cost of visa
  • Meals not listed
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuity to driver and guide


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