Nyungwe Forest Lodge lies on the edge of Rwanda’s Nyungwe Rainforest National Park in the South-West of the country. It boasts an impressive view overlooking the forest canopy from a ridge on one side and a tea plantation on the other. Although the country and its wildlife are still recovering from the civil war and genocide which ravaged them both in the mid-1990s, today there still exists an impressive array of 13 different species of primate living in Nyungwe Rainforest National Park including chimpanzees.

The facilities at Nyungwe Forest Lodge are without doubt some of the best in Rwanda. The rooms are well designed and fitted out with all the mod-cons you may find in a hotel in a large city and despite its size, Nyungwe manages to maintain a ‘lodge feel’. The guided activities offered are varied and the mix of unique flora and fauna the National Park has to offer makes for some fantastic experiences. The contrast between the rainforest on one side and a tea plantation on the other also gives this lodge a little added something.

As one might expect, activities offered at Nyungwe Forest Lodge revolve around walking and trekking in the National Park. Activities are tailored to the individual and guided walks can last anything from 1 to 7 hours. The most popular walking excursions available at Nyungwe Forest Lodge include chimpanzee trekking, black and white colobus monkey trekking, grey-cheeked mangabey trekking, and the Kamiranzovu Swamps and Waterfall walk. Bird watching and cultural area walks are also offered.

There are over 275 different species of birds as well as 75 different species of mammals that reside in these lush surroundings. The birds are particularly spectacular with giant hornbills, great blue turacos, and red-breasted sparrow hawks being among the bird-watcher’s favorites. Twenty-four of these species are endemic to this section of the Rift Valley alone.


  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Black and White Colobus monkey trekking
  • Grey-cheeked Mangabey Trekking
  • Blue Monkey and Golden Monkey Trekking
  • Kamiranzovu Swamp walk
  • Kamiranzovu Waterfall walk
  • Various guided Walking trails from 1 hour to 7 hours
  • Bird watching walk
  • Cultural area walk with lodge guide