Located in the attractive area of Fann Hock, on the western edge of Dakar, the Djoloff Hotel owes its name to a region of Senegal famous for the strength and courage of its warriors.

Its elegant architecture in the style of Saint Louis, and the warmth and quality of the materials and decorations are the work of the best local craftsmen and artists, a point which was highly emphasized by the owners during the construction of the hotel.

The terraces of the Djoloff offer from the bar-restaurant a magnificent view over the small fishing port of Soumbedioune and the islands of Madeleine.

The hotel has 21 rooms including 3 suites, all of which are tastefully decorated with style and elegance. Some rooms have a balcony while others look onto a charming patio with an abundance of flowers and natural light.

They are all air-conditioned and equipped with flat-screen televisions with a network of international channels.

Started in October 2006, the extension and rehabilitation of Djoloff came to an end in August 2008. Developers have deliberately chosen to focus on natural resources and local expertise for the construction and decoration of the hotel. The main use of local materials used according to artisanal processes makes today the charm and uniqueness of the hotel.

Terracotta from Sébicotane, the carpenter cabinetmaker of Mbour, the dust laterite of Popenguine, the fabrics and furniture of Aissa Dione, the wood vein of Tambacounda, the Ousman M’Bayes scrap metal stools and coffee table, the Beatrices mosaics, and the Claire Gobis and Jean Gnilanes frescoes, Senegal was largely emphasized throughout the project.