The Adjana Hotel is a small paradise backed by the banks of the Sine and Saloum rivers. 32 rooms Grandstanding / 10 rooms Luxury on stilts / 2 royal suites feet in the water Built on 4 hectares, With its suites and rooms on stilts, it plants majestically and firmly set on the banks bathed by water.

The rooms are comfortable and spacious, decorated with local products designed to ensure a refined environment. The high-quality rooms are on the land with thatched roofs and carved wooden furniture. Dream space, our suites advance majestically on the river. With an individual bridge to take you there. Very spacious, they have different compartments, arranged to meet your needs of comforts and spaces. The rooms on stilts are entirely made of rare wood and by-products with thatched roofs and carved wood furniture. Placed on the water, they offer a breathtaking view of the river. You will have a bridge for yourself.