With more countries easing travel restrictions and reopening their borders, there are brighter travel days ahead for West Africa. Continent Tours, with offices in the U.S, Ghana, Mali, and Senegal; serving travel agents, tour operators, meeting planners, and international NGOs, designed a 6-part Webinar series dubbed ‘Selling West Africa With Continent Tours’ to give Travel agents the opportunity to learn about West Africa and the current situation with tourism in Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia and other parts of West Africa.

The 6-part, fun-filled series began on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, and continued every Tuesday until July 6. The outline of this webinar is as follows:

WEEK 1: JUNE 1, 2021

The first week of the webinar had Tina Ross, Team Lead for Continent Tours, Ghana, and Abou Pouye, Travel Expert in Senegal, talk about Continent Tours and the services we provide and also the incentives that were up for grabs at the end of the webinar series. The overview of the first part of the webinar series includes; Map of West Africa, highlights of West Africa, the 3 most popular countries in West Africa for tourism, commonly spoken languages, and flight information. Watch the recorded session below.



WEEK 2: JUNE 8, 2021

The second, or part 2 of the webinar came off on the 8th of June, 2021. The webinar was led by Tina Ross, with support from Abou Pouye. During this webinar, Tina threw more light on topics discussed in the first part of the webinar series, which included The incentives attendees stand a chance of winning and also terms and conditions, 3 different maps of West Africa to show attendees where West Africa can be located on the African map and also the world map, Highlights of West Africa, 3 most popular countries to visit, entry requirements, and flight information

Abou introduced Senegal and The Gambia to attendees and highlighted the entry requirements in both countries. To listen to the highlights of this tour, watch the recorded session below.



WEEK 3: JUNE 15, 2021

The 3rd part of the webinar series, which was dubbed ‘Selling West Africa: Ghana’, highlighted the current situation in Ghana regarding the tourism industry. The highlights include Airlines operating in Ghana, flights & schedules, the currency used in Ghana, and recommended experiences.



WEEK 4: JUNE 22, 2021

The highlights for the 4th part of the webinar series were the 7-day tour of Ghana, Senegal + Ghana combo tour, Ghana + Togo + Benin, Ghana + Ivory Coast, Egypt + Ghana, Accommodation upgrade, and Tour information. Watch the full recorded session below.



WEEK 5: JUNE 29, 2021

Week 5 of the webinar series was dubbed ‘Selling West Africa: Senegal’. This webinar sought to highlight the current situation in Senegal with the tourism industry. Our Travel Expert and Tour guide, Abou Pouye, took the attendees through the following:

  1. Airlines operating in Senegal
  2. The various seasons in Senegal
  3. National currency
  4. Recommended tourist sites in Senegal



WEEK 6: JULY 6, 2021

Week 6 was the last part of our webinar series, which was hosted by Abou Pouye. In this session, Abou spoke about Best Airlines for combination tours, accommodation upgrades available, Senegal + Ghana combination tour, Senegal + Gambia, Senegal + Mali, and Senegal + South Africa combination tour. Watch the full recorded session below.



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