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Tassi Camp

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Tassi, in Loango National Park, is one of the last remaining sites on the planet where huge creatures can still freely stroll the seashore. Buffaloes and forest elephants can often be seen feeding on the coastal grasslands and the shore during the rainy season. Families of gorillas can occasionally be seen foraging in the woods along the shore. Many Gabonese beaches provide important habitats for migrant shorebirds, such as African skimmers and Damara terns, whose numbers are rapidly declining across Africa.

Tassi Savannah Camp is surrounded by primary and secondary woodland and is near the seashore. The wide-open vistas are a sight not often seen in Central Africa’s highly forested landscape.

The appealing mosaic of grassland, forest, marsh, and small coastal lagoons, all of which are close to an unending stretch of beach, is ideal for becoming adventurous. On one of our guided hikes, a promenade on the beach, or a kayak on Louri Lagoon, you may learn about the camp’s different surroundings.

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