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Hurumzi 236

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The Tower Top restaurant of 236 Hurumzi is a prominent feature of Zanzibar’s skyline, alongside mosque minarets, Hindu temple towers, and church spires. The hotel, which is the second-highest structure in Stone Town Zanzibar, has been restored to its former splendor as the home of one of the Swahili Empire’s wealthiest men. The furniture is all real Zanzibari antiques of various origins and styles, which, when combined, give the image of Arabian Nights and sultan princesses escaping in the dead of night for romance.


The twenty-four guestrooms are all lovely and charming, and each one pays homage to Zanzibari customs in its own way. Except for the Kipembe suite, all of the accommodations have enormous stone bathtubs that provide unusual bathing enjoyment, with a bubble bath and a bottle of wine being popular requests. Our guests are kept cool by ceiling fans and the steady breeze on the upper floors. Air conditioning is available in the second and first-floor rooms, as well as the South room. On the first and second floors, sultan-sized chambers include 20-foot ceilings, carved doors, ancient plaster décor, and hand-painted glass lamps and window panes. There are enormous Zanzibari beds in all of the guest rooms, as well as netting.

The Tower Top Restaurant, a popular destination for newlyweds and marriage proposals, is unquestionably one of the world’s most romantic restaurants. It’s the ideal position to watch the sunset, with a panoramic vista of Stone Town and a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. More than one guest has told us that dining here feels like a ride on a magic carpet, perched 80 feet above Stone Town and seated on Persian carpets. Guests sit Arabian-style on pillows and rugs, their shoes left at the door, while their supper is served in five or more courses and accompanied by the sights and sounds of exotic Zanzibar.

In commemoration of the little bustling square that it overlooks, the western wing addition to 236 Hurumzi is called the “Peace of Love wing.” This wing houses our hotel’s most unique and elegant suites. The majority of the rooms have balconies, tea houses, or verandahs with breathtaking views of Stone Town and the Indian Ocean, as well as the coast of continental Africa on clear days.

The Residence Hotel 240 Hurumzi is glad to provide magnificent accommodations with shared kitchen facilities. Our newly restored property at 240 Hurumzi, which adjoins 236 Hurumzi, has six guest rooms. Each of the six rooms is tastefully decorated with Zanzibar beds and antique furniture. These rooms are on the second and third floors, off of wide halls. Each floor has its own common kitchen that is fully equipped. Each apartment has its own distinct charm and is named after a significant character in Zanzibar’s history.

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