Over the last 16 years, Continent Tours has been shaping the path into the Premier African Travel Experts. We take responsibility for our role in the global society, environment, local communities and all the people that we work with. We endeavor to operate socially and environmentally responsible; to maintain the highest ethical and hygienic standards, and to be financially rewarding for our employees: and seeks to differentiate itself as the premier Destination Management Company in West & Central Africa.

Our commitment to sustainability is a crucial part of our strategy to meet customer expectations and support local market needs. Our sustainability Program incorporates environmental and social goals and activities are carried out in collaboration with our employees, local partners, suppliers and customers.

Scope & Objective

This Policy is operational for all Continent Tours branches and joint operations and applies to all our employees, as well as consultants, and partners who work at Continent Tour premises or on company assigned field operations.

The purpose of this policy is to provided documented procedures, policies and processes that will be easy references for both existing and new staff to clearly understand the sustainability approach of the company. To provide support and an enabling environment for employees at all levels at Continent Tours to act in line with our values, ethics and professional integrity.

We encourage all employees to adhere to the sustainability principles and continuously provide improvements where necessary.

Policy Statement

Continent Tours identifies the social and environmental impact our operations may have, as well as the potential challenges we have to address to execute our purpose and vision.

Continent Tours Sustainability Approach

We have 3 areas which demonstrates our commitment to making sustainable operations our priority.

Continent Tours Sustainability Approach

Touching lives: Continent Tours operations are rooted in our ability to make a long-lasting impact on several local communities we work with. Our Operations are run and managed by experienced locals who are experts of their destinations. By giving our experienced personnel the necessary skills, training, exposure and work support, we find that they are better able to achieve their personal and career goals, contribute positively to the growth of their local communities, become financially independent to support their families as well as become good leaders changing the lives of others.

Smart Operations: COVID-19 taught us one thing – to remain digitally upgraded. We are committed to providing safe, innovative, reliable and environmentally responsible Travel packages for our customers, where our operations are more paperless from start to finish. We have changed from filling bulky tour reservations forms, Credit card authorization forms, Tour Vouchers and Tour Evaluation surveys to completing the various stages of our tour online.

Commitment to Responsible Travel: Continent Tours focuses on doing business in the most ethical and responsible manner possible. Our employees, customers and suppliers are constantly assured that we thrive to continually comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate, act as a responsible employer and manage our supply chain in ways that maintain our environmental stewardship.