Our Highly skilled incentive program consultants will help you in arranging the best incentive travel program that is best for your company based on your goals and objectives. They will present you with the most comprehensive programs to maximize participant performance.

Based on your needs and objectives we offer both group travel and individual incentive travel options. The group travel incentive option is our Worry-Free option where we do all of the planning and logistics.

Travel Incentive Benefits & Solutions

Continent Tours Inc.  Incentive travel programs are designed to increase, motivate sales forces and improve employee productivity.  Employees are recognized as part of a select group of individuals who have outperformed their peers for the ultimate outward expression of prestige and recognition. We offer non-monetary incentives for employees in the form of travel as a proven method for your company to increase your sales year after year.
Continent Tours Inc. brings years of experience in designing comprehensive incentive travel programs that retain valuable employees for various industries.

Our Incentive Travel Programs Allows your Organization to:

  • Recruit of Qualified Employees
  • Reward Employee Outstanding Performance
  • Reduce employee  high turnover

Our Unique Features:

  • Provide a customizable marketing brochure to promote your incentive program.
  • Based on our experience we design programs that will benefit your Organization based on the increased sales generated by the Incentive Travel program.
  • Continent Tours specially trained Worldwide Concierge Agents to deliver white-glove service to your award winners.

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