Aug 20

World’s 2 Best Beaches Devoid of Tourists


As far as vacations are concerned, few holidays are as tempting as spending time on a beautiful and pristine beach. Simply thinking about the possibility of walking barefoot through the sand and getting a tan on the coast is enough to excite travelers. Beaches are a very popular destination, especially during the winter months when people are trying to beat the winter blues. Therein lays the downside of a beach holiday: tourist hordes. There is no pleasure gained when you arrive at the beach and find that it is so full of tourists that there is not enough space even for your beach towel. Thankfully, for every beach that is overcrowded, there are a number of beaches that lay vacant and inviting. Most of these beaches are well-known to locals and they do their best to keep them hidden away from tourists. Travelers, however, have a knack for discovering such places, especially if the beach is within or close to popular cities. Here are the two best beaches in the world that are tourist-free and will certainly continue to be so for quite some time to come:

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam:

You never have to look too far to find someone who can vouch for the natural beauty of Vietnam. Once known only for playing host to a terrible war, Vietnam has now become a traveler’s paradise. Unlike many other countries, the real beauty of Vietnam lies in the countryside and beaches, outside the major cities. The popularity of Thai beaches means that the beaches in Vietnam remain relatively crowd free and peaceful. Of course, as determined travelers seek to find new and unexplored areas, these beaches are not destined be peaceful and quiet for long. Phu Quoc Island is perhaps that one place that remains almost completely devoid of any tourists. It helps that the island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is a considerable distance away from Ho Chi Ming City. Most tourists travelling to Ho Chi Minh City divert off to one of the many beaches around that are becoming increasingly popular. Few, if any, make it all the way to Phu Quoc Island. This is good news for people looking to have entire stretches of pristine coastline just to themselves. If you wish to take a break from the beach, you can always visit the Phu Quoc National park.

San Mateo County, California:

Many people will find this choice to be a bit confusing. Isn’t California where everyone goes for a cheap beach holiday? Yes they do, but not to San Mateo County. Tourists to California mostly flock to the beaches in and around Los Angeles, especially the ones to the North of the metropolis. As a result, this leaves many miles of California coastline strictly for the locals and a negligible tourist presence. The beaches of San Mateo County are easily accessible from San Francisco and San Jose. It is an especially good destination for families. Steer clear of the crowded shores of Santa Monica and visit the beautiful beaches of San Mateo County without putting a dent in your savings.

A trip to the beach is best enjoyed when you have a balance of excitement and relaxation. Beaches overflowing with tourists may provide plenty of the former, but drastically lack the latter. Thankfully, you do not have to own a private beach to escape from the horde of travelers. Visit any one of the two beaches mentioned and they are guaranteed to be the standard bearers that every other beach vacation will be compared to.



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