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10 Ways Travelling to Africa Makes You More Attractive

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If you thought the best reasons to travel were to enrich your life and develop a sense of adventure, think again. A study by an international travel company in Australia revealed that people who travel are perceived as more attractive than their home-body counterparts.

A whopping 72% of study respondents said that they would be more interested in dating someone who traveled frequently—and over half said they had met someone special while on vacation.

So, if you’re looking for reasons to visit Africa this year, look no further. Here are 10 reasons visiting Africa makes you more attractive.

1. That gorgeous off-season tan you get at the beach in Busua gives you a healthy glow (and makes you look slimmer, too!).


When you show up sleek and tanned after a winter trip, people know you’ve been somewhere exotic. And while you could have gotten your healthy glow at some crowded resort in the Caribbean or the French Riviera, you’ve had the pleasure of sunning yourself in some of the most secluded, private beaches in the world—Busua Beach in Ghana, Saly Beach Resort in Senegal or even Assinie Beach in the Cote d’Ivoire.

2. It’s so cosmopolitan to toss a few foreign words or phrases into your conversation.


After you’ve vacationed in Ghana, Senegal or the Ivory Coast, you’ll pick up a few words in Akan, Wolof, or Kwa—especially if you’ve visited the craftsmen and artisans in the market. Nothing melts their stubborn bargaining style like a guest speaking the lingua franca; they’ll even compete with one another to teach you a few more words!

Once you’re home, just drop a few of your new-found words into conversation with friends. “Baal ma,” perhaps, when you’re sorry, or “Buga nga fecc?” if you’d like to ask someone to dance. And there’s always “Sama aéroglisseur fèèss neu ak anguilles” when your hovercraft is full of eels.

3. You stand out in a crowd wearing your gorgeous Kente cloth skirt or wrap.


Just about everyone in Ghana owns at least one piece of Kente cloth—it’s one of the most beautiful and easily recognized textiles in the world. Each color has a special meaning:

  • Green is for growth, life, and good health.
  • Blue is for peace, love, patience, and good fortune.
  • Yellow is for fertility, wealth, royalty, and glory.
  • Red is for bloodshed, sacrifice, and death.
  • Pinks and purples are the female essences of calmness, sweetness, and tenderness.

Wrap a piece of Kente around your waist for a skirt and you’ll be instantly recognized as a world traveler with good taste.

4. Confidence is always attractive—and few things builds confidence like adventure travel to Africa.


You know what never goes out of style? The confidence you get from tackling an adventure like trekking through the rainforest at Kakum National Park in Ghana or a big game safari at Pendjari National Park in Benin.

Confident people are more positive, secure in themselves, able to handle what life throws their way without falling apart. What’s more attractive than that?

5. A good travel story is downright sexy.


Those who practice voodoo believe everything is spirit, even humans. And every year in Ouidah, Benin, adherents of the faith gather to dance, perform ancient rituals, and offer sacrifices to the spirits—some even enter a trance state. The energy is positively frenetic at the two-day Voodoo Festival. People come from all over the globe to witness the event.

Picture yourself on your next dinner date sharing stories of your trip to Benin…passing around a few photos of the powder and palm oil-covered bodies dancing in the sand. Sexy? You bet. Wonder if you’ll get another date? You bet.

6. There’s nothing more mysterious than a person who travels to exotic destinations.


Let’s be honest, just about everyone travels somewhere, sometime. There’s nothing particularly mysterious about just flying around. Anyone can visit Paris or wander around Disneyland for a week.

But travel to West Africa? That’s for the true aficionado, the person with a well-developed sense of adventure. Even the city names roll off your tongue with more than a hint of mystery: Dakar, Bissau, Ouagadougou, Bobo Dioulasso. Go ahead, say them out loud and see what we mean.

7. Cultural awareness makes you a more well-rounded person—and well-rounded people are naturally interesting.


On a cultural tour of Ghana and South Africa, for example, you’ll visit the Lesedi Cultural Village, where the Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho, and Nguni tribes still live in traditional homesteads and practice the ancient songs, dances, and cultural activities that sustained them over the centuries. You’ll see the fishing villages of Accra and the Cape Coast and interact with people whose lifestyles and customs date back hundreds of years.

You’ll come away a different person…with a deeper understanding of cultures far removed from your own. Well-rounded is a great way to put it—and who doesn’t want to be a well-rounded person?

8. You can show off your culinary worldliness with authentic Ghanaian cuisine.


It’s always cool to be the expert when you visit a new ethnic restaurant with a group of friends. Nothing on the menu looks familiar—except to you, because you’ve just returned from Ghana. You can confidently order nkatenkwan with a side of fufu or some spicy killi-willi or that lovely Ghana favorite, red-red.

And if you really want to show your stuff, you’ll eat your fufu with your right hand (no utensils, please) and know what to do with those little bowls of water by your plate—and no, we don’t mean drink them!

9. There’s an inner glow about a person who has traveled to amazing destinations and seen amazing things.


You’ve got that outer glow from your amazing beach vacation in the Ivory Coast, but you’ll also have an inner one, thanks to the amazing sights you’ve seen. Imagine celebrating mass at the Abbaye de Keur Moussa, a Benedictine monastery in Dakar, with the sounds of traditional African musical instruments such as the koras, balafons, and drums.

Or maybe the memory of how the Africa Renaissance Monument, taller than the Statue of Liberty and featuring a man, woman, and child, had to be altered at a cost of a cool $10 million because the woman’s skirt was a tad too short for Senegal’s modest religious sensibilities will tickle your fancy.

Perhaps it’s the Kermel market, where you can bargain to your heart’s content for all the food you could possibly want without depleting your pocketbook much at all. Sure, you’ll be physically impoverished, but at least you’re financially unscathed if you’ve mastered the fine art of bargaining in West Africa.

10. That secret smile you get when you remember something wonderful about your trip to Africa.


You know why the Mona Lisa is so beautiful? Her enigmatic smile. You’ll have your own Mona Lisa smile when you remember your visit to the Ashanti Kingdom and witness the Akwasidae festival (held every 42 days on Sunday) with the Asantehene (Ashanti King) being carried in his palanquin as he receives the admiration of his subjects.

Or maybe it’s your fabulous few days sunning yourself on the beach and perfecting your tan before you hop on your return flight home.

So if you’re tired of being single and want a hot date—or want to look more attractive to your significant other, for that matter—why not plan your trip to West Africa right now?

We can’t guarantee you’ll land the man or woman of your dreams if you do, but we’re pretty sure you’ll go from an 8 to a 10 on the attractiveness scale and have a lot of fun doing it.

Go ahead, contact us today!

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