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Historic Return of African Diaspora at Panafest – July 2023 – 10 Days

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Historic Return of African Diaspora at Panafest

The Pan African Historical Theatre Project now known as PANAFEST (Historic Return of African Diaspora) is a cultural event held in Ghana every two years for Africans and people of African descent. It was first held in 1992. The idea of this festival is to promote and enhance unity, Pan-Africanism, and the development of the continent of Africa itself. 

The Pan African Historical Festival (PANAFEST) is of African origin in the Diaspora via art, culture, music, dance, and theater. At the various seminars and colloquiums on this tour, you will learn about the history of great Africans who worked in various ways during the fight for African independence from colonial rule, as well as people of African descent in the Diaspora who contributed and continue to contribute immensely to the liberation struggle. 

During the tour, an orientation will be held, which will include a lecture/discussion about Ghana’s history, culture, and customs. You’ll also discover how to keep safe and healthy in Ghana. 

Here are some of the spectacular sights you’ll see on this tour. 

On our route to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, Park Drive by Jubilee House, the president’s official residence and administrative offices (Ghana’s Whitehouse), we’ll drive past Ghana’s parliament house and independence Square. W.E.B. DuBois Center a museum and Center for the study of Pan Africanism. 

Next visit is the T.K. Beading Centre, professionals in the creation of stunning traditional beads utilizing age-old techniques. An expert Artisan will guide you through the intricate process of producing beads. 

Upon our return to Accra, visit the Arts & Crafts Market, Makola Market, and see some of Accra’s most authentic shopping choices, including crafts, carvings, original African art, magnificent fabrics, and custom-made apparel. 

You will get the opportunity in exploring the Rich Ashanti Culture through visiting Manhyia Palace Museum, historic village of Nkwantakese for a grand durbar of Chiefs. 

We continued on to Cape Coast, one of Africa’s most historically and culturally significant towns, stopping at several areas of interest along the way. Guided walk of Elmina Township, PANAFEST, Elmina/St. George’s Castle and Memorial Ceremony. The tour will end with a dayroom to relax and last-minute shopping. 

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  • W.E.B. DuBois Center.
  • T.K. Beading Centre.
  • Arts & Crafts Market
  • Makola Market
  • Guided walk of Elmina Township
  • Elmina/St. George’s Castle
  • Memorial Ceremony


Day 1 - Monday, July 24): Arrive in Accra, Ghana
Day 1 - Monday, July 24): Arrive in Accra, Ghana

After clearing customs, reclaiming your bags, and immigration at Kotoka International Airport, an experienced tour manager will be waiting for you to help you board a luxurious A/C motorcoach and go to your hotel in Accra. This is the beginning of an incredible experience that you will never forget.

You will be given refreshments when you arrive at the hotel before being led to your reserved rooms. You have the rest of the day to yourself to unwind, recharge, and recover after the overnight travels.

Meal(s) Included: Welcome Refreshments

Hotel: Labadi Beach Hotel

Day 2 - (Tuesday, July 25) : Official Welcome Home by the People of Ghana
Day 2  - (Tuesday, July 25) :  Official Welcome Home by the People of Ghana

Your hotel's breakfast Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet with plenty of fresh fruit, a selection of breads & pastries, cheeses, cold cuts, and other delicious Ghanaian specialties. Fresh coffee, tea, and juices of every variety will be provided.

An orientation including a lecture/discussion on Ghana's history, culture, and customs will take place after breakfast. You'll discover how to keep healthy and safe when visiting Ghana. We left the hotel to explore these significant locations:

Additionally, you will pass by the fish market. Witness the activity at the seashore as fishmongers sell their catch and fishermen dock their boats. The British built the first of its lighthouses in 1875, which served as a navigational aid for commerce ships passing through the Gulf of Guinea. The original building was destroyed, but a newer, larger lighthouse that was finished in 1921 is still in use today.

Visit "Brazil House" to find out more about the seven Afro-Brazilian families that came back to Ghana in 1836 and settled there. There are many common Brazilian and Portuguese last names in this area of Accra.

We proceed to the hotel after lunch at a nearby restaurant (at your own expense). Authentic cultural dance and drumming performances will introduce you to both traditional and modern African music and dance at the hotel. The performers can ask you to showcase your dancing abilities.

The buffet meal this evening will be served at your hotel.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Labadi Beach Hotel

Day 3 (Wednesday, July 26): Shopping Experience & Cultural Experience
Day 3 (Wednesday, July 26): Shopping Experience & Cultural Experience

After breakfast at your hotel, we'll head to Accra to see the T.K. Beading Center, which specializes in manufacturing stunning traditional beads the old-fashioned way. You will be guided through the intricate process of creating beads by a skilled Artisan.

Here in Ghana, beads are still worn during traditional durbars and festivals as symbols of riches and beauty. You can try your hand at bead-making after the demonstration. A huge variety of locally produced beads are available for purchase.

Experience some of Accra's most authentic shopping opportunities after we get back to the city, including the Arts & Crafts Market, Makola Market, and the fabled Oxford Street on your way back to the hotel. These opportunities include crafts, carvings, authentic African art, exquisite fabrics, and custom-made clothing.

This evening over dinner, there will be professional tailors available for you to purchase one-of-a-kind custom-made attire from a variety of fabrics.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Labadi Beach Hotel

Day 4 (Thursday, July 27): Travel to Ashanti Kingdom
Day 4 (Thursday, July 27): Travel to Ashanti Kingdom

We will go to Kumasi, the Ashanti Kingdom's capital, after breakfast. You will check into your hotel after arriving in Kumasi and eat lunch on your own.

We will start exploring this ancient city after lunch. Visits will consist of:

The wooden carving Ahwiaa Village is famous for its skilled woodworkers who create fertility dolls, royal stools, and other wooden crafts.

the community of Ntonso, where craftspeople hand-stamp designs onto cotton fabric to create Adinkra textiles Funerals and other solemn events call for the wearing of Adinkra textiles. Create your own Adinkra sash to take home after learning how the black dye is made from tree bark.

The famed Kente fabric is created by hand on looms in the village of Adanwomase according to a long-standing custom that has been handed down through the centuries. Observe the Kente weavers as they make intricately patterned Kente cloth.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Golden Tulip Kumasi

Day 5 (Friday, July 28): Exploring the Rich Ashanti Culture
Day 5 (Friday, July 28): Exploring the Rich Ashanti Culture

Following breakfast, we'll see the National Cultural Center, home to the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum and numerous brass-, pottery-, and batik-making facilities. A copy of the fabled Golden Stool, which is the Ashanti people's spiritual emblem of oneness and is thought to have descended from the sky, is among the museum's exhibits.

The Manhyia Palace Museum will be the next visit to learn more about the regal history of the Ashanti kingdom, which dates back to 1700 and is told through artifacts and relics.

We will drive 10 minutes to the ancient village of Nkwantakese after lunch to attend a great durbar of Chiefs. Nana Boakye Yaw Ababio Obrempong, who will preside over the vibrant Durbar of distinguished chiefs and elders, will officially welcome us to the Ashanti Kingdom. The chief and his elders will welcome us during a vibrant Durbar as part of the reception.

The most accomplished cultural groups in the Ashanti region will be welcomed to speak and perform during the festivities. You'll be invited to participate and showcase your artistic abilities, and you'll be encouraged to do so.
Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Golden Tulip Hotel, Kumasi

Days 6 (Saturday, July 29): Kumasi – Cape Coast/Elmina
Days 6 (Saturday, July 29): Kumasi – Cape Coast/Elmina

We will continue our tour of Kumasi after breakfast and check-out before leaving in the early morning for Cape Coast.

Kumasi, the center of Ashanti culture, features a sizable collection of British colonial structures. We enjoy a drive through the city, passing memorials to the legendary Ashanti people as well as the Kejetia Market, the busiest market in all of West Africa.

Making stops at areas of interest, we go to Cape Coast, one of Africa's most historically and culturally significant locations. Upon arrival, we will take a short drive from Ridge Royal Hotel to the historic town of Elmina to begin a guided tour.

You can see bright fishing canoes getting ready to head out to sea for another night of fishing at the harbor. The chance here is ideal for the group's photographers.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Ridge Royal Hotel

Day 7 (Sunday, July 30): Cape Coast & Elmina
Day 7 (Sunday, July 30): Cape Coast & Elmina

You will tour Elmina Castle, originally known as St. George's Castle, this morning. The first European building to be established in Sub-Saharan Africa was this castle. Discover the landscapes and the rooms filled with frightening history. We will all throw bread into the water during a memorial ceremony at the beach in honor of our ancestors. A solemn minute of silence will be observed in honor of those who lost their lives during the middle passage, and a wreath with a candle will be solemnly flung out to sea.

Attend any scheduled PANAFEST events with your guide present.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Ridge Royal Hotel

Day 8 (Sunday, July 31): The Emotional Cape Coast Experience
Day 8 (Sunday, July 31): The Emotional Cape Coast Experience

After breakfast, we travel to the Kakum National Park, one of Ghana's most popular parks, through the Denkyira Kingdom's rainforest region. Here, you can go on a walking trip into the forest to see how our ancestors survived there. View birds, butterflies, and potentially even over 40 different species of mammals, such as monkeys and the elusive forest elephant, in their natural habitats. The canopy walkway, a 1,000-foot-long, seven-bridge walkway with viewing platforms that rise more than 150 feet above the ground, is the highlight of every trip to Kakum.

We visit the Cape Coast dungeon this afternoon after lunch (on your own), where we will go through the infamous "door of no return" and feel the emotions of traveling in the opposite direction of our ancestors. Returning through the "door of no return" is often a difficult event, so be ready to comfort your traveling partners. This evening, we will go with your guide to any PANAFEST events that are arranged.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Ridge Royal Hotel

Days 9 (Monday , August 01): Cape Coast - Accra (Emancipation Day)
Days 9 (Monday , August 01): Cape Coast - Accra (Emancipation Day)

This morning, we'll pay Assin Manso another visit. Participate in the Grand Durbar of traditional leaders and residents of the Central Region to kick off the Emancipation Day Celebration. This will be a large-scale, vibrant, and beautiful celebration that displays the pomp and ceremony of Ghana's traditional rulers, who will be dressed in elegant ceremonial traditional attire and accessorized with sparkling gold jewelry and traditional beads. As you dance to the sound of the "fontomfrom" drums, you will experience an African rhythm in your body.

We proceed to Accra after lunch at the hotel (on your own account). The final event of the evening is a farewell dinner at your hotel. You can wear your newly customized Smocks and Kente, among other traditional Ghanaian apparel, here. Hearing from fellow travelers who are first-time returns from the Diaspora what their experiences here in Ghana have meant to them is always a delight.

The Wulomei live band will perform iconic local selections, some of which were written by the most accomplished Ghanaian and African composers, displaying the best of Ghana's cultural entertainment.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Labadi Beach Hotel

Day 10 (Tuesday, August 02): Accra - Depart
Day 10 (Tuesday, August 02): Accra - Depart

Although today is a free day, your driver and guide will be there to help you with any last-minute shopping, such as picking up your custom-made clothing. You can relax in a day room before being driven to the airport for your return trip.

You will always have a good impression of the motherland after this tour.
Meal(s) Included: Breakfast


  • Round-trip flight from JFK in economy class
  • Meeting and assistance upon arrival and departure
  • Roundtrip airport/hotel transfers
  • Hotel accommodation in the indicated properties
  • Transportation in private vehicle
  • Experienced tour guide
  • Admission to listed sites
  • Meals indicated
  • Cost of visa
  • PANAFEST events
  • Meals not listed
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuity to driver and guide

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