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Tourism in Ghana


Simple people, untouched beauty, topped with a heavy sprinkling of culture are what you will find in the great land of Ghana. Due to the heavy influence of exotic festivals and traditions, as well as unreal natural beauty, many people consider Ghana as the perfect tourist destination.  Backpacking here is relatively cheap and can be as little as two to five dollars to stay a night in a normal hotel room (most times with meals included).

Forty percent of the employed population of Ghana is involved in agriculture and thus it is the primary source of income for the country. When we think of Ghana’s major commodities 3 words come to mind – Gold, lumber and cocoa. Ghana is famous for such recourses and the interest of the world from the 1800s till the present date is evidence to this fact.

Travelers won’t have many problems in communication as the primary language of the area is English due to the immense British colonial influence Ghana has had in its history.

Attractions such as beaches, castles and ports, national parks and museums will overwhelm even the most travel savvy tourist. Ghana is divided into eight major regions:

  • Greater Accra
  • Ashanti Region
  • Brong Ahafo Region
  • Central Region, Eastern Region
  • Northern Ghana
  • Volta Region
  • Western Region.

Each of these regions has their own specialties and attractions along with distinct and unique languages and festivals.

Ghana has also many castles and forts which are relics of darker times in the history of Ghana, namely – The slave trade. These forts may be picturesque and beautiful sites to visit, but every individual must acknowledge the severity and horrors of the slave trade which would take place regularly at such forts. They stand testament to the bravery and strength of the Ghanaian people.

Located in the Accra region at Labadi, this is a three kilometer long stretch of pure beauty and is the main public beach of the Accra region. It has showers and changing facilities along with a few caterers. Not the most secluded but the vibrant and laid back nature of the locals can be easily seen here. Kokrobrite beach, on the other hand, is perfect for any traveler to unwind and let loose. People fall in love with the perfect view of beautiful hills in the backdrop, pleasant tides along with it being fairly secluded. Other famous tourist beaches include Ada beach, Cocoloco beach and Alaska beach.

Something to keep in mind is that travelers may not be accustomed to the harsh variations in climate along with a strong immunity to local illnesses. Thus it is imperative that every visitor to Ghana should undergo yellow fever and Malaria vaccinations along with those suited for their personal needs and pre-existing health conditions.

The major roads throughout the region are usually of good quality and undergo proper, timely maintenance. The same cannot be said for those which aren’t located in primary areas. Poor lighting and unpredictable conditions do cause problems for the “night traveler”. It is of utmost importance that every single traveler has on him at all times his passport, Visa and other important documentation. This is because individuals may have to undergo searches and inspections at checkpoints.

If you want your own slice of the great continent of Africa, Ghana is perfect for you. Ghana has the perfect balance of excitement, flavor, serenity and culture; all of which is relatively inexpensive.

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