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Tips Travel Clothing – Getting it Right from Top to Bottom


If you are going on a trip one of the most difficult parts can be deciding what clothing to pack.  It can be tempting to take most of your wardrobe with you so that you have something for all occasions.  However carrying lots of clothing is not practical particularly if you are flying as the more luggage you have the more baggage handling will cost you.

Useful Next-Trip Tips

Here are just a few useful tips to help you decide what clothing to take with you for your next trip.

1. Climate

Think carefully about the climate you are visiting and the time of year you will be going.  This will help you to focus your clothing choices more appropriately for the place you will be visiting.  For example if you are going skiing in the Alps in mid-winter then you can expect some cooler weather.  This means that packing plenty of jumpers, warm underwear etc. is a good idea.  If you are going on a beach summer holiday then shorts, vest tops, bikinis etc. will form the bulk of your packing.

2. Modern Materials

If you are doing a lot of travelling or physical activities on your holiday then you should consider some of the new modern performance materials available such as Gore-Tex.  These have additional properties that can make them more functional and hardwearing.

  • For example some modern materials actively wick sweat away from your skin which can be ideal if you are travelling long distances in warmer climates.
  • Other materials are wrinkle-resistant and this can help to reduce wrinkling to your clothing whilst you are travelling.

3. Top and Bottom

If you are doing extensive travelling then you will not want to be dragging lots of suitcases and bags around with you.  In this case it is essential that you choose durable, lightweight clothes that will work hard for you. If you opt for neutral colours such as navy, grey, olive, sand, beige, brown etc. then this should make it easier for you to match outfits each day from a small stock.

The Packing Plan

Pack just enough clothes that you can rotate them each day.  This will give you enough to wear until you arrive at a destination that offers you washing facilities.  Some essential items for travel include:

  • Top – Lightweight high performance rain coat, comfortable t-shirts and vest tops (good for warm weather and also to provide an additional layer if it gets colder).
  • Bottoms – Underwear with anti-microbial properties (for when you don’t have the chance to wash them as much as you would normally), flip flops (ideal for hot weather and wearing around the pool), trousers and shorts.
  • Formal Wear – unless you know you will be dining out or going to a formal engagement leave the formal wear at home.  This can be difficult to transport as formal outfits are normally made from luxurious materials that wrinkle easily and are difficult to keep clean.  Pack a decent pair of smart trousers/jeans and a smart top instead for when you need to dine out or go to a bar.
  • Nightwear – don’t forget to pack something to sleep in.  Pyjama bottoms with a vest top are a comfortable combination that can also provide good coverage if you have to share dorms with others in hostels and hotels.
  • Hand Towel – you will rarely find clean towels available when you are travelling on a budget.  Most 1 to 2 star hostels and hotels will only offer shared washing facilities typically without towels.  Packing a hand towel can take up more room but this can provide a good back up if you do find there are no towels available when you stop.

Leave the kitchen sink, don’t wear your entire wardrobe, don’t tie you bulging luggage with industrial bungee cord but more importantly, don’t ‘go commando’.  Pack light and employ that tactic when considering your undergarments, your trip will be much more comfortable for it.

Packing well can make all the difference to your trip. Choosing the right underwear and clothing will ensure you have all the comfortable outfits you need without taking lots of luggage.  Bonds underwear can offer some great lightweight midi briefs and full briefs ideal for travelling.

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