May 26

The Basics Of A Backpacking Break


Of the various types of holiday you can enjoy, the backpacking break is often seen as being the most adventurous but also the one most fraught with potential problems. The basic premise of the holiday is to pack your bag (one bag, lightly packed) and head off to a chosen destination with few plans. If you are thinking of booking your first backpacking trip then following these simple guidelines to help make the experience a more beneficial one.

Make sure you get health insurance and ensure that you are covered for backpacking. Different companies and different policies will offer different coverage and you may need to specify not only the type of holiday that you are taking but also which country or countries you are planning to visit. If you provide inaccurate information then you may find that you are not covered should the need arise to rely on your health insurance.

Consider transport and how you plan to make the major journeys. Book your flights early and make sure people know when you are due to leave and when you are set to return. Also do your research on local transport options so that you have some idea of how, when, and from where you will be able to travel while you are away. Backpacking is great because it enables you to follow your own itinerary and path but that doesn’t mean you should be totally unprepared.

You may want to book a hotel or other form of accommodation for at least the first and last few days of your trip. While backpacking can provide a great way to explore a country or even a whole continent at your own pace, you can take a more structured approach. Consider places you are likely to visit and have a list of hotels and accommodation along with your local transport details because these could prove highly invaluable to you.

It’s time to pack your bag and this will be no easy achievement. Pack clothes that can double up for daytime and can be worn in the evening too and resist the temptation to take your laptop, expensive mobile phone, dock, speakers, and other electrical equipment. Do take a good quality camera to catch all the magical moments and remember to take some spare batteries with you. If you’re staying primarily in hotels then you can take a charger to help ensure that you are always ready to take the perfect snap.

Whether you’re heading to Africa or Rome you can book low cost flights and find great quality accommodation for your trip. You should try to many any bookings as soon as possible and arrange for health insurance months before you go. Check your passport is valid and not out of date and make sure somebody has at least a basic framework of where and when you will be. Also consider taking a cheap, emergency mobile phone with you and leave it turned off unless you really need to use it.

Wherever you intent to travel around the world and whatever type of holiday you embark on you should make sure that you are well prepared. Backpacking holidays are a great way to explore and you can enjoy them in Africa or for your Thailand 2013 adventure.

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