Rural Senegal

Dear Mr. Guindo,

We want to thank you for helping to make our time in Senegal very enjoyable. Our guide Baesji helped facilitate our travel and insure that everything on our itinerary was covered. We also cannot say enough good things about Ousmane, our driver. He was extremely skilled and very accommodating. Throughout our travels, we always felt very secure in Ousmane’s ability to get us to where we were going in a professional and safe manner. He was exactly the kind of driver we had hoped for. Plus, he provided us with a vehicle that was clean, comfortable (functioning air conditioning) and large enough to accommodate all of the luggage we had.

Additionally, we were very appreciative about how accommodating both the guide and the driver were about our rather unusual itinerary. We recognize that asking them to spend three nights and two days in the Gossas area was atypical for them but they did so without any complaint and always were very prompt and accommodating when we asked them to transport us from one small village to another. As Ousmane told us when we arrived in Gossas, they certainly were at “our beck and call.”


The stops Continental Tours suggested along our route were very interesting. The accommodations were quite adequate. Our only suggestion for a possible change would be the Encampment. While we definitely enjoyed the experience and are glad we spent a night there, we wonder whether there might have been another encampment option that was a little less rustic– providing wooden floors, better beds, higher ceilings in the tents, etc.? If not, we certainly are glad we had this experience (camel ride was fun, lounging in the afternoon was relaxing, dinner was lovely and star gazing was spectacular.) Still, if for more money we could have partaken of sleeping accommodations that were more comfortable, we would have been willing to spend more.

Again, thank you very much for the excellent service Continent Tours provided during our time in Senegal. We definitely were very satisfied with what your organization provided us and would be willing to provide a recommendation to other travelers who contemplate using your services.


All the best,

Rose Larson

Maplewood, Minnesota

Rose Larson
Maplewood, Minnesota

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