Mali and Senegal


First I want to say that we loved our trip to Mali and Senegal and look forward to returning to West Africa as soon as possible. Both countries are fascinating. Thank you for arranging a wonderful trip. Please feel free to use me and my husband as a reference for your services. From the first time I emailed you with questions about planning a trip to Mali your responses were prompt, professional and very insightful and the tour you arranged exceeded expectations. I am delighted with your services as a tour operator. The individual guides and drivers you arranged for us were excellent — Mr. Sory in Mali and Mr. Balla in Senegal were very professional and went out of their way to take care of every detail of our trips, to make sure we understood the cultures we were experiencing , and were responsive to our interests. They were also wonderful traveling companions. Lamine our driver in Mali was very careful

and willing to show us areas that absent his efforts, would have been inaccessible. For anyone reading this review it is important to mention that the military coup took place on what was scheduled to be our last day in Mali. We were traveling from Dogon to Mopti when we heard the news and learned we would need to remain in the country for an indefinite time because the airport and borders were closed. We were told that at the soonest we would be in Mali for an extra five days. I can honestly say because of the good will and enthusiasm of Sory and Lamine the extra days we spent in Mali were fabulous, and we felt extremely safe. We would not have traded them for a timely departure. The guys were accommodating, imaginative and enthusiastic to use each of the extra day to show us parts of the country we otherwise have missed. Not only were Sory and Lamine fantastic guides full of great ideas but they were really fun to travel with and kept us continuing to have a great vacation and to stay safe in our travels. I need to also mention that you stayed in constant contact with both Sory and me and gave us timely information to plan both for our departure and to have a great trip. We really appreciate your ongoing attention.

Last but in no means least; Balla in Dakar/Senegal was also fantastic. Our College-age daughter was studying in Dakar. Balla took on the responsibility for coordinating our trip including the whole family. He even went out of his way to offer to keep in touch with her after we left so we would know there was an adult in Senegal who cared about her well being. Balla, shared his local experience, was tireless in

his efforts to make sure we had a wonderful trip and even helped us with local purchases such as shoes and handbags. When we were unable to leave Mali on time and our schedule was interrupted by 5 days he rearranged everything in Dakar and even went to the airline office to help us reschedule flights out.

We felt we were being taken care of by so many helping hands that at no time during our unusual trip did we feel insecure or anxious. It was all just a great experience. Because of the very personal high quality service from everyone on your team we would highly recommend you to anyone planning a trip to West Africa and certainly hope we can visit again soon.

Thank You

Janet and John Hoffman
Los Angeles, California

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