MALI 15-day Tour 2008

Dear Goita,

Thank you for organizing and arranging such an enjoyable tour of Mali for us from the 24th of July to the 8th of August 2008. Your company Continent Tours organized a very comprehensive and interesting 2 week tour for us. Although days and travel were necessarily long we managed to see many of Mali’s highlights in this time. We particularly enjoyed the opportunities to interact and meet with the local people, Dogon Villages, Tuareg camp site, Timbuktu, village markets, Teriya Bugu and places of interest in the larger centres. These were only made possible by the high standard of service offered by the driver and guide. Lamine was safe, considerate and reliable at all times. His sense of humour, cheerful personality and African music tapes added to the experience. Mr. Sory had a wide knowledge of the peoples and places visited and acted as an able interpreter when accompanied by local guides. His English vocabulary was extensive and was able to make himself clearly understood. The Land Rover was a suitable means of transport and the hotel, though often basic, were satisfactory for our overnight needs. Variable menus were often available. We knew very little on the country of Mali before our visit, but our experiences have broadened our knowledge to include an appreciation of the history, life styles and aspirations of this incredibly interesting nation. Thanks go to You, Mr. Sory and Larmine for this unforgettable experience. We will certainly recommend Mali to other travelers who are looking for a novel experience.


Lois and Graham Allen

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