MALI 13-Day December 2009 – January 2010

From: Penny O’Hara To: Panorama Tours regarding my Mali trip with Continent Tours My guide, in all but Timbuktu, had very good English (he was taught by a US Peace Corps volunteer). He was flexible about making adjustments when I didn’t want to do something (trek the sheer cliffs in a Dogon Village). The driver was excellent. My guide in Timbuktu also had good English. The hotel was very nice – new but built on the lines of a traditional home. The chef was very good cooking Western food. My guide took my passport to the post office as soon as I arrived to have it stamped Timbuktu which was fun. I really enjoyed the 7 hours on the Niger. Overall the hotels were fine. Mali is a very, very interesting country but I also felt a difficult place to visit given the hard lives of most people. I think the agent you used was very good and concerned that all went well and that I was happy. All services happened on time. Thank you for your help putting this trip together. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Ms. Penny O’Hara

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