Ghana 8 Day Special

Join us on this 8 Day Special Tour of Ghana. Highlights include a tour of W.E.B Dubois Centre, Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Jamestown Fishing Community, all in Accra. We continue the tour with a visit to Kumasi and Cape Coast, all in this 8 days Ghana special tour.

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Hidden Treasures of West Africa – 12 Days

Guinea-Bissau (Bissau, Rubane, Orango Island, Canchaque) Cape Verde (Praia) Gambia (Kaolack, Banjul, Juffureh)

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Cameroon (Douala, Boumnyebel, Eseka, Lolodorf, Bipindi, Kribi, Lobe, Campo Ma’an National Park, Ebodje)

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Explore Mauritania – 7 Days

Mauritania (Nouakchott, Atar, Chinguetti, Ouadane, Passe D’Amogjar, Terjit, Touilit, Banc D’Arguin)

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Discover Mauritania – 6 Days

Tour Mauritania and roam its fascinating Saharan environment. You will explore its bustling fishing ports, bath in the springs of its oases, and ride across undulating sand dunes. You can do it all in Mauritania.

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Archaeological Tour Of Morocco -7 Days

Come and explore the history of Morocco with this seven day tour of its legendary ancient cities. Walk the vibrant streets and admire the architecture of Rabat, Fes, Marrakech, and Casablanca. Each city hosts a litany of palaces, museums, and local bazaars to be survey. Combine this romp through urban North Africa with travel through […]

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Seychelles Iles D’Amour – 8 Days

Explore the enchanting islands of the Seychelles! Live the life of luxury reclining on its white sand beaches, roaming its beautiful gardens, and dining on its delicious Creole cuisine. In this four-island tour you will have the opportunity to wind surf, snorkel, and even venture out on boat trips. Experience the island life and give […]

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Historical Tour of Sudan – 6 Days

In Sudan go on a city tour of Khartoum, including the National Museum, home to the salvaged temples of Upper Nubia and the frescoes from the Cathedral of Faras. You will also have the opportunity to visit the place where the Blue and White Niles meet. From Khartoum you will visit the bazaar of Omdurman, […]

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Explore Mauritania – 8 Days

Explore Mauritania by Camel and trek the dessert of Chinguetti to Atar with Palace Travel. Continue on to the Oasis of Tergit and the capital city of Nouakchott.

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Discover Mali & Burkina Faso – 15 Days

After breakfast, you visit the domes of Fabedougou which are rock formations. Drive then to Karfeguela t0 visit the waterfalls. Drive back to hotel Canne a Sucre for lunch., the former capital of the Bambara Kingdom of Segou, Senoufo Center, and many more.

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