Apr 19

Splash And Play With Water This Summer


With the summer around the corner and temperatures set to reach all new highs, the water as always poses to be just what everyone’s needs to survive that hot summer day. The cool and tepid waves of the beach can help cool us down heaps so that we don’t all sizzle in the heat. Taking time out or substituting the gym with a day of fun in sun with water and waves is a sure shot way to keep your body as cool as your new set of shades. Here is a couple of water activities that can ensure you make the most of your summer.

Surfs up!

Catching some good old waves down at the shore is a great way to beat the heat and polish up old moves with the board. It not only keeps you splashing about in the warm waters but also is a ton of fun. Surfing with buddies can help you pick up new tricks on your surf board as well. And if you have never tried it, then the summer is the perfect time to start! Head down to your local surf shop, divulge in a good board and get crack-a-lacking with the waves. An adventurous mind and steady legs will have you dancing with the water and winds before the summer is over. There are professionals who churn out some beginners lessons that are bound to have you surfing like a pro.

Kayak attack!

Often the kayak is underestimated for its ability to serve up a good dose of adventure and fun. Getting aboard a kayak is something exhilarating, and at the same time can help you discover a whole smorgasbord of sea life. From chirpy dolphins to silent whales, a kayaking trip can show you a different world that lies beneath the sea. This is the perfect trip to plan if you want to spend some time with your family. The thrills, laughter and splashing of water everywhere about will leave you having gaining insight into some wonders of the sea, and at the same time having you forgotten the scorching climate back on land.

Wave runner!

Getting yourself a jet ski and going for a ride is like gunning nitrogen oxide and racing against the waves. It is a spectacular way to spend your summer days. With the wind in your hair and occasional drops on sea water on you, jet skiing can bring out the Steve McQueen in every one of us. Without the terror of worrying about oncoming traffic and skidding off the road, water skiing is even more fun with its slides and drifts through the pleasant waves.

However you decide to spend your summer, do make the best of it. Staying indoors and dreading the season will only make you wallow in woe more. Lather on some sunscreen, get out the swimmers and take to the water whichever way you see fit. You can even try a different water sport every week, it will leave you with something new every time and adding to your months on fun in the sun.

Today’s article is submitted by Ryan Rutherford, a travel blogger. He likes adventure sports especially water sports like kayaking and scuba diving. He says to experience the best water sports try Kayak Whitsundays.

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