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Smart Travel Information for Adventure Holidays: What to Take, What Not to Break…


Adventure holidays normally take place within a defined environment: mountainous and cold, for example, or wooded; or marine. Each of these environments has a number of clothing items suited to it. Where multiple environments combine, clothing suited to each may be taken – for example where a holiday may transverse both Alpine and lakeside settings.

It may not be necessary to take all of the protective equipment you need to do the sports and activities on an adventure holiday – in many cases, certainly in resort and package environments, these will be provided on site. It is obviously worth checking out the particulars of your destination when you go, though. An Alpine ski resort is more likely to provide (for a fee) the equipment and protective gear you need to ski, than a Sri Lankan beach is to supply the stuff you need for surfing.

What you will definitely need, wherever you go, is clothing appropriate to the elements. Arctic or Alpine weather gets very cold very quickly, and the technical gear you take to overcome the temperatures can absolutely make the difference between having fun, and being miserable the whole time.

With technical clothing, you get what you pay for. Low cost protective jackets, snow boots and gloves simply aren’t up to the task of keeping out really snowy temperatures and can be seen as a false economy.

On the plus side, proper thermals (which are made of pure wool, usually merino wool in a very fine gauge) are practicallyself-cleaning and may be worn for five or six days before they need washing. Just turn them inside out and air them every night, alternating the side you wear next to your skin.

It is wise to check the ramifications of any insurance policy you have, either as a result of a currently owned policy or as a result of buying your tickets and booking your accommodation. It is unlikely that your destination will cover you for accidents, particularly where you are specifically travelling for adventure sports purposes – and absolutely where that travel takes you to less develop or populated parts of the world.

Travel insurance is a must for the adventure traveller, who by the very nature of his or her trip puts himself or herself in harm’s way more readily than a non-adventure holidaymaker might do. A normal travel insurance policy is unlikely to suffice – rather, a specific adventure sports clause may need to be added. Check with your insurance provider, though – some policies automatically cover the holder for skiing and snowboarding.

Adventure holidays aren’t like other holidays. You spend a lot of your time in and around elements from which there is no hope of recovering (for example) a lost wallet. It’s vital, then, that you make sensible arrangements to safeguard your money.

You should keep most of your money in your hotel, or safe in your bank. Even when it’s in the bank, though, you need to keep your credit and debit cards safe. Take proper insurance out, and keep an emergency credit card separate from your other funds.


Author’s Bio: Shannen is a snow sports journalist and travel writer. She is currently researching adventure holidays for her next guide book.

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