Academic Tours

Nothing gives students a fresh perspective quite like an educational immersion in a new culture. We offer students unique and enriching experiences through our personalised programmes tailored to specific curricula. The result is a positive, lifelong impression. Our guides and tour managers are experts in how to lead safe, welcoming, and educational trips for all levels of student travellers.

We provide:

  • Accommodations
  • Air travel ticketing
  • Ground transportation
  • Curriculum-specific immersion programmes

We’ve worked with educational institutions, such as:

  • Small universities
  • Major academic institutions
  • Military academies
  • Private colleges
  • Theological seminaries

Listed below are some of our most popular academic tours, but we are happy to customise all itineraries to meet your specific requirements.

Ghana Summer Program For French Students

Ghana Summer Program For French Students

14 Day Tour

Ghana, best known for its hospitality and warmth, is a nation that offers visitors a wealth of history, culture, and intriguing leisure

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We would love to hear about your interest in introducing your students to Africa and what you hope they experience along the way.