May 29

Saving Money on Your Packing – Taking Just Your Hand Luggage


Today many budget flights are offering cheap journeys all over the world that in theory allow people to travel to locations they otherwise may not be able to afford at times and in ways they otherwise might not be able to afford either. However what many people don’t realize is that the costs on the websites don’t always reflect entirely the prices you end up paying. Of course it’s common that people forget to include some of the hidden costs such as the hotel transfer or the tax, but at the end of the day they do know to expect them really. However one of the biggest hidden costs that many people aren’t aware of and which is very common with budget airlines is the luggage which can come to around $50-$100 on top of the price listed on the website. It’s a sneaky way to get people to pay for flights they might not otherwise have chosen, while sneaking in some extra costs.

But if you know how to pack light it’s possible to turn this on its head and ensure that the joke is on them. Here we will look at how to pack everything you need for a week or even two weeks into just your hand luggage.

Re-Wear Shorts and Trousers: First of all, when it comes to shorts and trousers you should note that you don’t need lots of pairs. In fact you can easily get away with taking a pair of shorts and a pair of trousers and making that all you take for the holiday – and as you can wear the trousers that saves a lot of space.

Think Ensembles: To make this work though you need to base lots of outfits around these two bottom halves so that you have lots of different looks that will match the same pair of trousers. If you think ahead and choose the same few colors this is something that shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.

Think Light Clothes: There are clothes that take up a lot of space in your bag and clothes that take up barely more than a pair of pants. This is a time to take your lighter materials and to opt for things that can be folded up nice and small.

Buy Out There: Of course you can also save room by buying your clothes at your holiday destination – and a towel is a great option here. By not taking your towel you can buy one when you land for a couple of dollars or less saving a lot of money, or you can opt to use the one in the hotel etc which might mean you don’t need to use your own at all. Other things you can buy out there include things like sun tan (which you can’t take on the plane anyway) and even a pair of sandals meaning you can pack only the shoes you’re wearing.

Think Multi Use: Taking one pair of shoes? Then these should be shoes which can get you into clubs or work for wearing during the day. Think of taking things that suit multiple purposes.

About the guest author: Colin has been a passionate travel blogger and likes to explore various destinations before writing about it. Through his site Lanzarote1, he likes to share the various accomodation options available in Lanzarote.

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