May 13

Review on Fly540


540flyTraveling within beautiful parts of the world, sightseeing, meeting a great diversity of people from different cultures and traditions is every travelers dream. The experience is very liberating and eye opening for those who haven’t seen many parts of the world. However every traveler will agree on the fact that the airplane ticket takes a huge bite out of one’s pocket. Often it is due to the air travel expenses that people decline going on an adventurous trip to a new location. The gravity of the air travel prices can be felt very strongly within countries like Africa. is a company which will make travel within the African continent extremely easy and cheap. This being said customer service and passenger friendly environments are maintained with consistency. Their low ticket cost does not affect the excellent safety measures taken by the company. Presently flights take place between main regions of Ghana and Angola, the headquarters of the company is located in Accra and the company will soon expand its operations throughout West Africa. This and any further expansion is all going to be done with the aim of reaching out to more customers in Africa and giving them a great, safe and cheaper alternative to air travel.  Similar to Easy jet airlines, Fly540 wants to reach out to all the people in Africa to help them in air travel within the limits of the country at astonishingly low prices paired with a consistency of great customer service.

Within Ghana the company offers flights in various regions such as Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, and Tamale; whereas in the Angola region flights are offered to and fro in regions of Luanda, Soyo, Cabinda, Benguela , Lubango, Saurimo, and Huambo. Along with the great services offered this company still has more to offer. It is general knowledge that airplanes use large amounts of fuel and thus have a heavy carbon footprint. Fly540 however uses the latest in technology to reduce their carbon footprint. They possess a fleet of modern aircrafts which are highly fuel efficient and modern ATR turbo-prop as well as EMB170 jet aircraft. Such aircrafts use fifty percent less fuel than the normal aircrafts.

If you wish to travel within Africa and are willing to spend fifty US dollars on a airplane ticket than this company is meant for you. Travelling at such low prices almost makes one feel bad. It’s practically “a steal”. The company continues to gain a name and a face among the public in Africa and will soon be bursting with amazing developments due to the fast pace they keep with this every changing economy.

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