May 25

On Kenya Safari- Jot Nature in Diary and Memory Lane!


Luxury is among the words which could be explaining anything than wildlife. In contrast to this very popular idea, Kenya is supposed to be the place where the Nature is in itself a splurge, marking its exotic presence to the extent of bewilderment. Kenya safari tours are just the journey that will allow you time to make acquaintance with nature in this manner.

Students and wildlife conservationists usually have a great time in exploring the nooks and corners of Kenyan Jungles and the life of its fauna. These people thus learn to love the weather conditions (like unexpected rain and expected heat). It follows by adapting the daunting routine of keeping a track of the movements of the wild creatures and consequently their way of life. Wildlife enthusiasts can too have great insights and share some funny moments through their experience.

Enjoy a peek on what could it be like living in a wildlife.

A Curious Snake: Well, it could be scary to some and adventurous to others, in a group of family or friends. Some of them can even boast of expecting such encounter with the venomous (or non- venomous) member of the wild. The inquisitive streak of the snake can be contagious to individuals, if they would want to know more about it. To want to know how much they need to stay away from this particular specie, the safari has fulfilled its job. Expert guides trailing along with you can be the best to count upon for information, provided you face such a situation.

A New Life: Very few people are really aware about the hardships animals deal in conceiving and giving birth. This could be a totally new experience, especially to those who are not at all prepared for such a beautiful sight. Individuals who have spent a great deal of their time in wilderness will fill you with stories of newborns of zebra, giraffe, elephants, monkeys, bat-eared fox, etc.

The Motherly Bond: To understand the mother’s affection for her children, a nature reserve could be the best place. The cubs spotted with animals, exotic or otherwise, slowly and gradually learn to trust their instincts with the guidance of their mum. Seeing them growing with confidence and adapting to the challenges their ecology has thrown on them, is a unique perspective on wildlife safari in Kenya.

Jammed by Elephants: You are sure to meet this view, even for a short while on a Kenyan safari. Somewhere, herds of elephants decide to stay exactly on the path made for cars / jeeps and have their fill of sunshine on their back. And there are chances of you becoming a victim of the obstruction caused by them. But, this won’t be an unnecessary hitch you would want to avoid. In fact, it is sheer fun for kids and adults alike.

These are just some of the highlights on what it is to be in constant company with dwellers of the wilderness. Carrying a notebook to jot down peculiar observations or titbits you loved is a great way to mark a memorable time in Kenya, primarily in its nature’s shelter.

To enjoy similar moments and more, you can explore the following national parks and wildlife reserves:

Sibiloi National Park

Remotely located on Mount Sibiloi, this natural shelter of wildlife is lesser known but makes an uninterrupted joyful Kenya safari holiday. On its north-eastern shore of the park, Lake Turkana is located. The discovery of fossils aiding in the study of extinct animals led it to be declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This aspect of the place could be explored at Koobi Fora Museum, situated inside. Sonant Nature is unhindered by the human noises, and you will notice this with your own sounds reaching your ears.

Tsavo West & East

The park in essentiality is one, divided only by a railway track. The one declared as Tsavo East is covering an area of 9065 Sq Km. On the banks of Tsavo River, a wildlife holidays or enthusiast can spot many animals like Hippopotamus, Masai Giraffe, Elephant and Black Rhino.

The other twin park, spread in 11, 747 sq Km, is among the oldest and largest National parks in the Kenya. Exhibiting animals and birds with a wide range of species, the park is home to Zebra, Masai Lion, Leopards, Jackal, Elephant, black kites, genet, waterbuck and many others. To view huge masses of animals moving in herds could be viewed from Mudana Rock. And, once here, you cannot miss Yatta Plateau, Aruba Dam and Lugard Falls.

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

The Ewaso Ngiro River (also giving life to Samburu and Shaba reserves) is the basis of this sanctity, under the management care of Isiolo County Council. Already in highlight for the endangered species of Grevy’s Zebra, one can also locate other common animals and birds of the region besides the usual attraction of tooth-brush tree, African elephants, cheetah, lion, leopard, giraffe etc.

So, already the notebook of experiences is packed for trip, isn’t it?

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