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How to Avoid Becoming a Travel Bore

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Travelling the world is an incredible way to make your life more fulfilling, to experience more and to become a more rounded and interesting person. Having tales you can tell about how you climbed mountains, or how you lived with a tribe in a remote part of the world is an incredible way to show people your passions and to captivate an audience, while having trinkets and ornaments from around the globe that you found yourself can make any décor seem more cultured, travelled and fascinating.

At the same time though, for some people all this travelling can have the opposite effect – and instead of making them more fascinating it seems to turn them into a bore. What happens here is that the person becomes so infatuated with travelling, and so impressed by their own deeds, that they end up talking about nothing different and start coming off as braggarts. No one likes the travel bore, so let's look at how you can avoid ever becoming one yourself…

Only Tell if Asked

If someone hasn't asked you about your time in the Amazon then that probably means they don't want to hear about it. While it may have been an amazing experience, not everyone is as interested in your exploits as you probably are so you shouldn't assume that they are and force your stories on them. Otherwise it comes off as trying to steer the topic of conversation and it comes off as bragging. It's much more mysterious and impressive to people if they discover this other more travelled side of you yourself, rather than having it pushed in their face.

Never Say 'Haven't You'

The true travel bore will make the mistake of saying 'oh, haven't you been to X?' in an incredulous way when you say you don't know the Tikiwahiki tribe – as though they presumed that everyone had done that and that it was insane that you hadn't. It's annoying, because no – of course most people haven't – and they know that. It's also not attractive to list the places you've been as though it's a competition.  Sure you might win this competition… but at what cost?

Show Your Other Interests

Being someone who's interested in travelling the world and who wants to explore other terrains and cultured does make you a fascinating and more rounded individual. However being obsessed with anything is uncool, and if people suspect that's the only string you have to your bow then it's still just not cool. Demonstrate you're a rounded person by being able to talk about other things that you are interested in and that you've achieved.

Talk About Them

Most importantly, and this is how you avoid becoming a bore on any topic, make sure you listen out for monologues and long winded stories. If you've been talking for more than five minutes about travelling then that's enough – now it's time for someone else to speak. No matter how fascinating your journeys are, people will always prefer their own stories, so let them tell them!


 Jenny Wadlow is a full-time travel blogger. In one of her blogs she has mentioned that those who purchase suitcases online must always make sure to purchase branded ones only.