Hotel Chelia

See why so many visitors choose Hotel Chelia as their Batna hotel of choice. It offers an array of amenities geared for travelers like you, providing an excellent balance of value, comfort, and convenience. Air conditioning is available in the guest rooms, and visitors can use the hotel’s public wifi to stay connected. A concierge […]

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Hotel El Hidhab

When visiting Setif, El Hidhab offers a relaxing atmosphere. It is at a good location for those who want to see the sights in the vicinity. El Hidhab offers a pleasant room that is tailored to meet the demands of any traveler. Ain Arnat Airport is within a 20-minute drive from the hotel.

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Eco-Omo Lodge

The Eco-Omo Safari Lodge is located in the Omo Valley, just outside of Jinka. The lodge is designed to blend in with its surroundings and offers guests a traditional house in southern Ethiopia, complete with home-grown veggies and freshly ground coffee. Eco-Omo Safari Lodge is nestled in lush grounds, with traditional materials used to blend […]

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Buska Lodge

Buska Lodge is an unpretentious eco-lodge in Southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley that gives guests the best lodging and eating service in the region. Buska Lodge, which overlooks Buska Mountain’s plains, was designed to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. Buska Lodge offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about and experience the culture and traditions of […]

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Kanta Lodge

In Konso, Kanta Resort is a cozy modern lodge. The staff is pleasant, the accommodations are spacious, and the views from the restaurant and balcony are breathtaking. Traditional round tukuls with en-suite bathrooms are available. The inside are nicely polished, but if we have one complaint, the tukuls are a little cramped. However, given the […]

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Sabean International Hotel

Sabean Hotel is the place to stay in Axum if you’re seeking a place to stay. Sabean Hotel visitors may easily visit the Tombs of Kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskal (1.2 mi), which is one of Axum’s most prominent attractions. Guests at Sabean Hotel get access to free Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions in their rooms. […]

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Mountain View Hotel

Discover why Mountain View Hotel is the hotel of choice for so many visitors to Lalibela. It offers a tranquil location with a variety of amenities tailored for travelers like you, and it provides a great balance of value, comfort, and convenience. Mountain View Hotel is a short distance from the Church of St. George […]

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Yeha Hotel

You’ll find the perfect balance of comfort and luxury that you need – standard, twin, or suite. If you want an extra touch of space, there’s the Executive Suite. As a guest at Panorama you are entitled to the following facilities and services free of charge: Breakfast Individual safety deposit box Minibar Wi-Fi high-speed internet […]

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Sarina Hotel

The Sarina hotel provides excellent service and  amenities to ensure that your stay is a success. It is ideally positioned near the picturesque city of Keren’s entrance. The city of Keren has several interesting spots to see that can be reached simply by walking. You are not required to use any mode of transportation. Keren […]

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Meroe Tented Camp

Meroe Tented Camp is located in Bagarwyia (approximately 230 kilometers north of Khartoum) and overlooks the magnificent Meroe Pyramids. There are 22 twin-bedded tents (4×4 m) available for guests to stay in. Each person has their own bathroom hut with shower and toilet. The Royal Necropolis is 2 kilometers away from the Camp. Each tent […]

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