Liberia Accommodations


Kailondo Hotel

Hotel Kailondo is one of a very few hotels in Monrovia that matches cost-savings with comfort and luxury.

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Mamba Point

Mamba Point is a country lodge boutique hotel set in private grounds located in the Diplomatic Quartier overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and set in Magnificent Tropical Gardens

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Nana’s Lodge

Nana’s Lodge is nature’s playground for families and couples looking for quality time together, surfers, adventure seekers or just for pure relaxation. Nana’s Lodge offers the perfect getaway.

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Royal Hotel

Situated in the heart of Monrovia on one of the city’s most prominent boulevards, the Royal Hotel is a relaxing spot steeped in elegance and splendor. Its high-quality accommodations are coupled with its close proximity to Monrovia's most

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