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May 13

Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime Working At A Ski Resort


People always tell you that you’re only young once, but you don’t fully understand what they mean until you’re old and you look back over your life. It’s the things you choose to do right now that will shape your destiny. If you don’t have a family of your own there is still time to do something you will never forget. One amazing adventure you might love is going away to work in a ski resort for a full season. We can look at some of the reasons why you’ll cherish the memories forever.

Amazing friendships

Try to imagine how much fun you’ll have staying at a ski resort and times it by a thousand, because the amazing friendships you develop will make your time there much more enjoyable. You have a group of individuals coming together who are all looking for the adventure of a lifetime. The people you hang out with will become great friends for life.

An amazing body

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you don’t see the body of a Greek god, don’t worry because it won’t be long until you do. When you’re spending so much time on the slopes you will strip the fat from your body and you won’t recognize yourself by the end of the season. It won’t even feel like work because you’ll be doing something you love and a great body is just a bonus.

Everything is cheap

Don’t worry about going into debt because everything will be cheaper for you. When you work at a ski resort you don’t earn a huge wage, but luckily you don’t need to. You will get a free lift pass which would usually cost a lot of money. All the local restaurants and bars will have deals for the workers, so when you go out at night you won’t need to pay crazy prices.

Do what you love every day

You can only work so many hours per day. What do you think you’ll be doing the rest of the time? If you are working at night you can spend all day on the slopes. Do a little night skiing when you’re working in the morning. On your days off you can start early and head back to your room once they tell you to go home. You will ski more in a few months than most will in a lifetime.

Do you like to party?

One of the biggest reasons workers enjoy themselves is because of the amazing parties going on at the resort. Every night is party night if your liver can handle it. There will be room parties where you can kick back and relax with your friends, or you can head out to the amazing clubs and party with the holidaymakers. Just make sure you make it into work the following day.

Rediscover yourself

When someone goes on a backpacking adventure they have a chance to discover themselves and it’s the same when you work at a ski resort. When you are standing at the top of the snow-capped mountains you will think about your life. You will ask yourself what you want to do once your adventure is over. You will ponder the question every night when you’re lying in bed and by the time you go home you will have the answer.

Take a closer look

If you want to do something special, do it. I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read and maybe it’s opened up your eyes to the possibility of escaping from your current life. If you’re interested in working at a ski resort then take a closer look. Just do it before it’s too late.

Author Byline: Author of this post, James Norton; works at a skiing resort. He considers it as the best decision in his life as he gets to do what he likes day in and day out. He also runs a side business of selling used snowboards. In his free time, he reads novels and plays football.

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