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Going Road-tripping? One Simple Checklist A Biker Should Have Close At Hand


Bikers all over will agree with me when I say that a bike road trip to any place- near or far, is the best way to capture the real essence of travel. To the ideal wanderer, nothing is more alluring than an open road. The feeling of the wind hitting your face, lashing against your body and the subsequent rush it brings forth, it’s indescribable! There’s only one word that can sum it up best- freedom. That said, the quest to freedom and liberation of the soul, via wheels, is quite unattainable without prior preparedness. Listed below is a list of things you need to ensure are in order-

1)   Bike checkup

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This is absolutely essential, irrespective of the location. Your bike breaking down in the middle of nowhere can put quite a dampener on the rest of the trip. Ideally, you should run a full check of your bike at least a week before leaving. Make sure tires, clutch and brakes, lights, chassis, stands, etc. are all working optimally.

2)   Repair Kit

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One can never be entirely protected from unanticipated emergencies. This calls for a repair kit, which should contain a toolkit, spares and lubes, flashlight, duct tape, tire repair kit and first aid kit. Under no circumstances should you forget the repair kit. There is only so much you can rely on strangers. Moreover, if you’re the very personification of Murphy’s Law, a repair kit is all the more necessary.

3)   Security

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This becomes top priority if your bike is to you like what Shadowfax is to Gandalf. Yes, I know it’s a road trip, but that doesn’t mean you won’t stop and get off your machine, perhaps to rest for a bit. This poses as the perfect opportunity for highwaymen to rob you off your precious. This is where a wheel lock comes to your rescue. Of late, a lot of sophisticated security gears for bikes have become available; check with your local dealers for the same. In addition, carry an extra set of keys, you know, just in case.

4)   Personal paraphernalia

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This is THE most important part of the packing. It pretty much takes care of your survival. Biking legend has it, wisdom lies in common sense, and common sense lies in packing light. The best way to do this? Wear as many layers as possible. Not only does this save load but also serves you as a protective shield. Carry a rain suit, ear plugs, synthetic underwear and socks. For food, stack up on energy bars and nuts as they’re light, nutritious and have a larger shelf life; energy drinks that help maintain mental clarity; toiletries etc. Don’t forget plastic money in addition to cash, and a fully functional cell phone

5)   Identification

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You’ll be surprised how many people overlook this one important detail. Be it for official verification in another state or country, or in case of any unfortunate emergency. Do yourself, the authorities, the paramedics and your family a huge favor; keep your id on you. Carry photocopies of all important documents, including emergency contact information, insurance details and the like.

6)   A roadmap

Have your course of action charted out, right from your start point to checkpoints to the final destination. Also predetermine the duration for which you will be gone. Also include an efficient GPS, or a smartphone with good internet and GPS connection.


About the guest author: Jeff Miller is a travel blogger with www.optimavillaslanzarote.com. Jeff has done multiple road-trips with his bike group and this checklist ensures that the trip has always been fun.

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