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Educational Tours: to Enrich your Knowledge


Nobody likes being stuck in a stuffy classroom, especially when the sun is shining. Instead of letting the children sweat and stare out of the window why not take them on an educational trip and get a flavour of the places that they can only read about in a book.

Most major museums and historical attractions welcome groups of students, particularly during the week and in the low season months when the turnstiles are slow. Some may dedicate specific days to educational groups, or particular times of entry but one thing you can guarantee is that the students will learn far more by viewing a subject than reading about it.

Why do it?
School trips are also good for team building and bonding exercises; all children and teenagers get excited about the prospect of a day outside the classroom and the possibility of meeting up with children from other schools. Educational tours in America need not only be confined to the capital cities, take the children on outdoor adventures and let them get some activity and fresh air in the open spaces.

The best way

Thankfully the days of the school head having to organise educational tours in America using a battered out vintage bus are long gone. Now thanks to our friend the internet we can seek out companies who dedicate their lives to such a thing. A quick telephone call or internet quote will give a school or club the idea of what it is going to cost and how long it is going to take.

The beauty of using an organised tour company for your educational tours is that all the school has to do is organise the children to be at the school by a certain time. Everything else is taken care of and of course there is valid insurance in place provided by the company. Risk assessments will have been carried out on all venues to ensure that the activity being undertaken is safe for the age group attending. Guides will be on hand on arrival with everything needed to ensure a smooth visit. The cost may be slightly higher than they do it yourself version but the strain is considerably less.

Not only do these companies organise trips they also provide lists of places and ideas for trips that correspond with the school curriculum. If you are struggling for a venue to take your history students then have a look at some of their suggested destinations. Blogs are common so that you can read the reviews of students who have already taken part on one of these organised tours. There is no better recommendation for student tours than the voices of fellow students.

The small print
Before making your final decision about which company to go for read their website and any associated material carefully. Find out exactly what’s covered and what’s included on the trip you fancy; also identify anything you have to do yourself before setting out on the trip. Once this is done then sit back and enjoy a day out of the classroom with the kids.
This look into educational school trips was written by Shannen, a freelance writer and traveller who is a big fan of educational tours in America.

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