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Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone

November 20 to 30, 2018

I’m back from the trip and all nearly went well – just a one off where the guide was late  to take me to the airport in Freetown so I had to negotiate the water crossing in a small boat by myself.

So I’m impressed by your company and was wondering if we could plan a few more trips for January 2020?

Would like to go to the high point in Mauritania (I know it’s a mining site but let’s see if we can get there), Mali (your country), Algeria, and Niger ?

I know this are hard places and probably not altogether safe but Ill take your advice.

Hope to hear soon.

Fr. Morgan Batt

Parish Priest Burleigh Heads




27 Day Tour of Cameroon – EQ Guinea-Chad- Congo Brazzaville & DRC- Gabon- Sao Tome- Angola- Mozambique-Malawi- South Africa- Swaziland & Lesotho –  April 4-30, 2018

Continent Tours is, by far, the best tour operator in Africa.

When I wanted to travel to the “off-the-beaten-path” destinations in Africa, they were the only tour operator able to accommodate my requests.

I researched 15-20 African tour operators, and most (including AMEX) only served ten or so “touristy” safari destinations.  But, what do you do if you want to visit West, northwest or Central Africa?  Contact Continent Tours, that’s what you should do!

Not only will Continent book all intra-Africa flights, hotels, and tours, they will ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch.  And, if a flight gets cancelled, etc. they will re-book to get you back on schedule.

I have used Mamadou Goita and his team at Continent Tours to travel to most countries in Africa, and wholeheartedly give them my highest recommendation.

Jim Kitchen, USA

Traveling to every country in the world




8 Day Tour of Ivory Coast – March 31 to April 7, 2018

Hello Ousmane

I second what Dagmar has written already. Kind driver (Moustapha) and guide (Jacob). I appreciated their constantly good spirits, their eagerness to help & to welcome us in Ivory Coast, flexibility (when they had to wait for us beyond the scheduled times) and how punctual / on time they were every day. I had a good time and would recommend the tour to everyone who is interested visiting Côte d’Ivoire.

Thank you for all the organization you did. Everything went smoothly.

Katharina Haller


15 DAYS SENEGAL –   January 24 to February 7, 2018


Hello Ousmane,

Sorry for the late reply.  It has been busy since we returned.

We had a wonderful tour and were extremely happy with Abou, our guide, and our drivers. They were professional, kind, knowledgeable, smart, responsive, thorough, and very likable  people!

We would highly recommend Abou, the drivers, and working with Continent Tours.

Thank you,

Heidi and John Carr

Connecticut, USA


1st tour: September 1 – 14, 2017

Algeria – Mali – Burkina Faso – Niger – Togo – Benin – Chad – Cameroon – Nigeria – Cote d’Ivoire – Congo – DRC

2nd tour: November 20 – December 7, 2017

Burundi – South Sudan – Djibouti – Somali-land – Sudan – Eritrea – Ethiopia

Dear Mr. Goita:

Please find hereunder my testimonial:

I have made four trips this year to various regions of Africa, including countries as diverse as Mauritania, South Sudan, Algeria, Chad, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Benin and many others, all of which were organized by Mr. Mamadou Goita of Continent Tours.

The quality of the service I received was truly exceptional. Every little detail was taken care of, and all the trips were planned and executed to my full satisfaction, including security, transportation logistics, hotel reservations, guides and meals.

I have traveled to a total of 170 countries, and Continent Tours is by far the best travel agency that has coordinated my  travel arrangements. I’m already planning my next trip with them.

They’re true professionals, very responsive and knowledgeable, and fully committed to providing their clients with the best service in the tourism sector anywhere in the world.


Jaime Alemán

Rep. of Panama


Western Sahara – Mauritania – Cape Verde: February 22 to March 7, 2017

All was pretty good.

In every case you want your tour guide handling the customer to TELL the hotel manager the deal, what was paid for, i. e, full board or half board, etc.

Itinerary was good.

Accommodations were pretty good for the locations

English of guides was very good.

Drivers were pretty safe.

Sand driver in Mauritania was excellent driver.  Never got stuck.

I would recommend your firm to friends and associates. 

Mr. Gary A Krosin (Photographer)

Stuart, Florida


Mauritania, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde

February 13 to 23, 2017

Dear Mr. Mamadou and Bridget,

Just a few words to thank both of you for your help with planning the trip to West Africa.

Everything worked out extremely well. The logistics were impeccable and the level of service beyond reproach.

I was really impressed with how Mr. Mamadou called the guides several times a day to make sure everything was going well.

I really enjoyed visiting such out of the way places.


Jaime Alemán

Panama City, Rep. of Panama


Kenya – Equatorial Guinea – Uganda – South Sudan – Burundi – Central African Republic – Chad – Cote D’ivoire – Liberia – Sierra Leone: JANUARY 31 – MARCH 1, 2017

Dear Ousmane,

All what you have organised for us was great, fantastic …!  We will be back for a further Africa trip. Four more countries are missing in our collection. Our next trip however will take us to Antarctica. Therefore we shall contact you again by 2019 for more Africa.
We are on the way back to Australia, currently in Serbia then via Oman and Nepal to Melbourne.  

Yours sincerely

Victoria, Australia




 Dear Mamadou

Sorry for this very late reply. I have been travelling.

Thank you for arrangement at CAR and everything went well.

 Thank you for the good arrangement  in Guinea Bissau.

Best wishes for the coming year.

 Best wishes

Hashimah Binti Ismail
Josephine Premla Sivaretnam


November 2016

Unexplored West Africa, 26 days

I just wanted to let you know that I had a really enjoyable time on your 14th November Unexplored West Africa tour. (I haven’t been in contact before as I was expecting an evaluation form to arrive.)

I always expected it to be a fascinating area, and a well-organised tour allowed me to embrace it without distraction. I really appreciated being met at each airport, particularly as less-than-punctual flights meant a very long wait for your agents at times. All the guides were very knowledgeable and obliging – a special commendation to Mohammed in Guinea for having the best sense of humour! Obviously the hotels varied but no doubt they were the best available and generally the staff were eager to please. The Hotel Petit Bateau in Guinea might top the ranking although we were only there for seven hours making it hard to judge.

The only major mix-up ended up being a bonus – the missed flight connection from Bissau to Conakry (which was of course the fault of ASky) which meant we had the unscheduled night in Lome and so saw an eighth country. I really appreciated you organising a city tour for us in Lome – the Fetish Market was one of the highlights of the tour!

I know two people on the tour had concerns at times but from what I could see you responded to their communications in an appropriate and timely fashion.

I only have two suggestions – not criticisms …. Provide a little more in the way of pre-tour information, for e.g. tipping guidelines. And revise the itinerary for Sierra Leone as we did not visit the Botanical Gardens, Charlotte Village or Charlotte Falls and spending time with villagers there – including beach time would be good.

In summary the tour exceeded my expectations and met my hopes …..

Anne Gault

Victoria,  Australia




Dear Mr. Mamadou:

I am safely back in the US. I had a fantastic time in Africa. Your on the ground services were excellent! I really enjoyed myself. Agadez was the most favorite part of my trip! I will most surely use your company for my Africa travel.  I may visit Nigeria as a tourist next year (Lagos, Abuja, Calabar, Kano). I hope you can help me with that in the future! All the best to you. Keep up the great work that you do!

 Kind regards, 

Dr. Ranjan Sharma

Greensboro, NC. USA


Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Guinea  & Mauritania–21 days
May 2016

Dear Mr. Guindo,

It has been a few days that we are off the grid.  Now we are back online!

We want to thank you very much for the well organized tour through 4 countries in West Africa!  All four guides and drivers were very professional and attentive to our needs.  They presented well for Continent Tours!

As you may know by now that we are still interested in a few more countries in Africa that your company are capable to organize tours for us.  We surely will get in touch with you once the travel season begins in the near future.

Thank you very much once again to you and your team!

Best Regards,

Volker and Wening Schuler




Mauritania, 8 days

February 2016

Dear Mamadou,

Thank you so much.

The tour was amazing, the guides were very respectful and helpful.
The places visited were beautiful, the tour made my experience something to remember.

Only one thing I didn’t not like about the trip was the hotel I stayed in in the capital. The staff were not friendly, I do not know if you can help fixing that.

Thank you again and hopefully we will have future trips with your tour company.


Ms. Maryam Abdullah

Sharq, Kuwait




Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea- 47 days

January/February 2014

Dear Ousmane,

Such a detailed and thoughtfully considered travel itinerary through 7 West African countries. We are still abuzz with excitement. So many experiences kept us constantly enthralled. The guides in each locale provided very comprehensive and carefully considered information, which we depended on.

We have learnt to be more tolerant of African ways and are looking forward to the next trip for more adventure.

Rainer is already planning for our next trip. As he mentioned to you during our time in Mali, you can expect to hear from him again around October.

Many thanks again for all your efforts.

Warm regards,

Rainer & Denise Kallenberger
Victoria , Australia


Guinea and Sierra Leone, January 2014
Mauritania, October 2013


We are just now returned home – spent two days in Morocco after West Africa.

Your program we loved, very pleased that the second time you are organizing a wonderful program. Mauritania was a very good program and was very well organized. Program for Guinea and Sierra Leone organized very well .

My friend and I already taken the tickets for Moscow- Douala and back.

I would like that program to include Niger , Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad .

Little by little, but the best.

You can again make us a program and include visas.

Regards ,

Dmitry OZERSKIY and friend
Moscow Russia


January 2014

Dear Mamadou,

We are now back safely in the UK, and we should like to give you some feedback on our Liberia trip.

All the arrangements you made for us went very well – no problems to report. Jimmy (guide) and Steve (driver) were excellent, and went out of their way to make our visit trouble -free. We will definitely use your services again when we visit West or Central Africa.

Of the 3 hotels we stayed at, the RLJ Kendeja was, of course, by far the best. It had everything you might expect of an international hotel of its calibre, and when the inevitable minor irritations came up, the people there were quick and willing to resolve them.

We cannot say the same about the lodge even though it is in a beautiful, tranquil setting.

The Hill Top Hotel, where we stayed instead of the guest house, was a handily placed, perfectly adequate low grade hotel. The only issue with it was the bed(s). When I commented on their small size, they gave us a room each at no extra cost to us. Even then, I found my bed too small – for two of us to share it would have been impossible. It is lucky the hotel was not fully occupied.

My final comment is the most important: the itinerary was far too ambitious. The road and traffic conditions were so bad that we were constantly running hours behind schedule, and having to concentrate the tour on just the key sights and events.

Please do not misconstrue what I am saying. We saw everything we wanted to on the trip, but, for future reference, a more realistic itinerary might be advised, taking into account the likely road conditions.

I hope all these comments are helpful.

Thanks again and best wishes – Kevin.

Kevin George Pardoe & traveling companion

Hull, UK


Cote d’ Ivoire, Ghana, Togo and Benin
December 2013

“My husband and I traveled on a private tour through Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo and Benin with Continent Tours. We enjoyed the most amazing experience seeing animals and learning about slave history & African history. We had a specialized and demanding schedule for research purposes, and Continent Tours did everything possible to make the trip fruitful and meet our requests. The drivers and guides were reliable, friendly and really cared about our trip. In particular, the drivers were skillful on hard roads and careful never to take cell phone calls on the job. The hotels were the best possible, and we understood that accommodations are basic in some areas. The bus and car we had were comfortable. I recommend Continent Tours whole-heartedly.”


Denise and Mike Reiss
Los Angeles, California


Rural Senegal, June 2013

Dear Mr. Guindo,

We want to thank you for helping to make our time in Senegal very enjoyable. Our guide Baesji helped facilitate our travel and insure that everything on our itinerary was covered. We also cannot say enough good things about Ousmane, our driver. He was extremely skilled and very accommodating. Throughout our travels, we always felt very secure in Ousmane’s ability to get us to where we were going in a professional and safe manner. He was exactly the kind of driver we had hoped for. Plus, he provided us with a vehicle that was clean, comfortable (functioning air conditioning) and large enough to accommodate all of the luggage we had.

Additionally, we were very appreciative about how accommodating both the guide and the driver were about our rather unusual itinerary. We recognize that asking them to spend three nights and two days in the Gossas area was atypical for them but they did so without any complaint and always were very prompt and accommodating when we asked them to transport us from one small village to another. As Ousmane told us when we arrived in Gossas, they certainly were at “our beck and call.”


The stops Continental Tours suggested along our route were very interesting. The accommodations were quite adequate. Our only suggestion for a possible change would be the Encampment. While we definitely enjoyed the experience and are glad we spent a night there, we wonder whether there might have been another encampment option that was a little less rustic– providing wooden floors, better beds, higher ceilings in the tents, etc.? If not, we certainly are glad we had this experience (camel ride was fun, lounging in the afternoon was relaxing, dinner was lovely and star gazing was spectacular.) Still, if for more money we could have partaken of sleeping accommodations that were more comfortable, we would have been willing to spend more.

Again, thank you very much for the excellent service Continent Tours provided during our time in Senegal. We definitely were very satisfied with what your organization provided us and would be willing to provide a recommendation to other travelers who contemplate using your services.


All the best,

Rose Larson

Maplewood, Minnesota



March 2012

Hi Sory

Thank you for a wonderful trip guiding us around Mali, taking such good care of us in Mopti and showing us to such wonderful places. You are a terrific guide and we cannot think of anyone we could have learned more from and had more fun with than you and Lamine. We are delighted that the coup allowed us to have an extra 5 days.

Mali is a fantastic country and we are eager for another trip – we look forward to seeing the southern and western parts of the country

We hope your chickens are doing well, that the summer isn’t too hot and there is enough rain in the rainy season

We will send a copy of the picture for your friend in Dogon

Hope to see you soon

Janet and John Hoffman

Los Angeles, California


Mali and Senegal
March/April 2012


First I want to say that we loved our trip to Mali and Senegal and look forward to returning to West Africa as soon as possible. Both countries are fascinating. Thank you for arranging a wonderful trip. Please feel free to use me and my husband as a reference for your services. From the first time I emailed you with questions about planning a trip to Mali your responses were prompt, professional and very insightful and the tour you arranged exceeded expectations. I am delighted with your services as a tour operator. The individual guides and drivers you arranged for us were excellent — Mr. Sory in Mali and Mr. Balla in Senegal were very professional and went out of their way to take care of every detail of our trips, to make sure we understood the cultures we were experiencing , and were responsive to our interests. They were also wonderful traveling companions. Lamine our driver in Mali was very careful

and willing to show us areas that absent his efforts, would have been inaccessible. For anyone reading this review it is important to mention that the military coup took place on what was scheduled to be our last day in Mali. We were traveling from Dogon to Mopti when we heard the news and learned we would need to remain in the country for an indefinite time because the airport and borders were closed. We were told that at the soonest we would be in Mali for an extra five days. I can honestly say because of the good will and enthusiasm of Sory and Lamine the extra days we spent in Mali were fabulous, and we felt extremely safe. We would not have traded them for a timely departure. The guys were accommodating, imaginative and enthusiastic to use each of the extra day to show us parts of the country we otherwise have missed. Not only were Sory and Lamine fantastic guides full of great ideas but they were really fun to travel with and kept us continuing to have a great vacation and to stay safe in our travels. I need to also mention that you stayed in constant contact with both Sory and me and gave us timely information to plan both for our departure and to have a great trip. We really appreciate your ongoing attention.


Last but in no means least; Balla in Dakar/Senegal was also fantastic. Our College-age daughter was studying in Dakar. Balla took on the responsibility for coordinating our trip including the whole family. He even went out of his way to offer to keep in touch with her after we left so we would know there was an adult in Senegal who cared about her well being. Balla, shared his local experience, was tireless in

his efforts to make sure we had a wonderful trip and even helped us with local purchases such as shoes and handbags. When we were unable to leave Mali on time and our schedule was interrupted by 5 days he rearranged everything in Dakar and even went to the airline office to help us reschedule flights out.

We felt we were being taken care of by so many helping hands that at no time during our unusual trip did we feel insecure or anxious. It was all just a great experience. Because of the very personal high quality service from everyone on your team we would highly recommend you to anyone planning a trip to West Africa and certainly hope we can visit again soon.

Thank YouJanet and John Hoffman

Los Angeles, California


Mali – December 24-January 4, 2012

Dear Ousmane,Thank you for your kind wishes – I am feeling much better now. As you know I did unfortunately become ill on the trip; however I was able to get to two good doctors in Sangha and Timbuktu who helped me get well. I am much improved and glad that I continued the tour. My driver Sidi and my guide Sory were excellent, not only as a driver and guide, but they helped me a lot by taking me to the hospital and translating the doctor’s French for me. They also stayed with me until late at night helping me get the medical treatment and went to the pharmacy to buy the medicine I needed.Sidi is a very safe driver and one with a lot of humor, especially when we had car trouble on the last day. Sory is an excellent guide and he has extremely good knowledge of all the tribes we visited. His English is very good and I had no problem understanding him. Mohammed Ali in Timbuktu was also a very good and he is quite knowledgeable about Timbuktu with a great sense of humor.Despite my medical problems, I enjoyed the trip very much. It was comforting to know that you monitored the situation and you were willing to assist me in any way you could, including getting me home in case I decided to end the tour. I am very glad that I stayed to complete the tour.

I told my travel agent Nancy that I was very happy with your company, the guides, and driver, with everything – and would not hesitate to recommend Continent Tours to anyone interested in visiting that part of Africa.

Thank you for everything, and please convey my good wishes and thanks to Sidi, Sory, and Mohammed Ali.

I wish you all good luck for the New Year.

It is a shame that tourists are afraid to come and thereby miss out on a great country and experience.

Brad Stolz

Los Angeles, California


Guinea Bissau—October 28 to November 5, 2011

Continent Tours,

Our trip to Bissau were very impressive. First of all we can recommend the Fisherman’s Lodge which has a very friendly staff. Your representative had the good idea to change reduce our stay in the first lodge to only one night because although it is comfortable the a/c was not working in the hot and humid climate. To summarize we were very satisfied with our holiday in Guinea -Bissau and we thank you for the good organization and for your care of us.

We hope in the future to travel again with Continent tours.

Kind regards,

Harold Külling and Urs Kalberer,

Wohlen, Switzerland



Mali – October 2011

I knew that I would be arriving in Mali in the middle of the night – without a visa, having never been to Bamako before and not speaking much French! – and so I contacted Continent Tours to help with the logistics on my arrival. Right from the start, I was impressed by Continent Tours’ professionalism and responsiveness. They were quick to respond to my e-mails, spoke good English, and took away much of the stress of my first trip to West Africa. It was great to have a friendly face looking out for me when I stepped off the plane late at night after a long trip, and to have someone who knew the city well to help with the visa and get me to my hotel. Mamadou also didn’t hesitate to go the extra mile – when it turned out that my baggage had been misplaced on the flight, he immediately took responsibility for contacting the airport to get the bag back, and then sending it 600km to deliver it to me in my hotel in Mopti, so that I wouldn’t have to delay my holiday in Bamako waiting for the bag to be found. I’m so glad that I had Mamadou and Continent Tours there to help and would definitely recommend them.

Jonathan Richard Witts

Hong Kong


Mali and Burkina Faso, August 2011

Dear Ousmane,

Sorry for the late reply. The trip was so good. Both the guide Sory and the driver Sidi were so kind. Please share the attached photo with Sory and Sidi.

Thanks a lot,

Masaki Obana

Tokyo, Japan


Sao Tome and Cape Verde, June 26 – July 17, 2011

Dear Mr. Mamadou Goita,

Once again your Norwegian friends have taken advantage of your helpful assistance cooperating in our Cabo Verde and Sao Tome exploration. We have had 3 wonderful weeks in two very interesting former Portuguese colonies in the Atlantic Ocean. The once a week flight from Cabo Verde to Sao Tome and return allowed this interesting combination. Your reliable local representatives in both countries assisted us in the perfect combination of exploring tourism, culture and plain relaxation. In Cabo Verde we visited the islands of Santiago (Cidudad Velha, Praia and Tarrafal), St. Vicente, St. Antao and Maio. This is the third time we were travelling in Africa with your assistance (in the past we traveled to the Mali Festival de Desert in January 2007 and the three countries of Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau in January 2011). We are very pleased with you and your company’s assistance with our globetrotting. Many thanks again. We hope to come back with another request. Best regards also to your family.

Best wishes,

Per Urdahl & Bente Grindrud

Klinikksjef medisinsk klinikk, Sykehuset Telemark HF Norway


Nigeria, June 30 – July 5, 2011

I would highly recommend Continent Tours in West Africa. Their representative in Nigeria is a real professional, accompanied me to all my meetings, and added valuable insight to my research project. His detailed knowledge of Nigeria helped me put a lot of things into perspective. Although we had a horrific 3 ½ hour drive in the Lagos traffic back to the airport including blinding rain, lightning and accidents all over the place, our expert driver TJ kept us safe. The Toyota was very comfortable and I was happy not to have chosen the luxury vehicle which would have drawn unwanted attention. A high point for me was the walk to the market by the Marina. Lagos was a huge positive surprise on many levels, I will be back. I would be happy to recommend Continent Tours to anyone who asks.

Melissa Cook,

New York


MALI, FEBRUARY 18 – 25, 2011

Dear Continent Tours,

We are back from our trip, and I am writing to thank you for the excellent organization of the trip. Both our guide, Malik, and our driver, Dramane, have been competent, professional and very kind to us. The itinerary was well designed, and we found the whole trip very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you very much for your service.

Best regards,

Alberto Gabbai and Persico Silvia Newton,

Massachusetts, USA


MALI – December 2010/January 2011

Good day Continent Tours! We want to give a very positive feed-back on our trip in Mali.

Guide, driver (and vehicle ) have been excellent, very flexible and supportive. All the accommodation have been good and they reflected our expectations. One area that could be improved–mention the driving distances between locations so guests will know how long they will be on the road.

Marsili Guido and Luisa Vecchi,

Milano, Italy


SENEGAL – THE GAMBIA – GUINEA BISSAU-December2010/ January 2011


Hello Continent Tours,

We would like to thank you for a very pleasant itinerary (Senegal – The Gambia – Guinea Bissau 16 days) and a fantastic driver and guide. We had a great time together getting the ultimate experience of our Holiday. You may also use us as references if needed.

Best wishes,

Per Urdahl

Klinikksjef medisinsk klinikk Sykehuset Telemark HF,




Dear Continent Tours,

Hope you are all doing Okay. It has been 4 days since I returned home and now I am Okay. As you know 8 countries in 18 days, I was tired a little bit. It was a very interesting trip for the group and for me. Thank you again for everything.

CJ Kwon (Ms) Group Tour Leader Marketing and Planning Manager

Seoul, South Korea


Cote d’ Ivoire – November 2010

Dear Mr. Mamadou,

Thank you for your mail and concern. Everything went fine during the trip in Cote D’Ivoire. We had a wonderful time in a wonderful country. Thanks to your local representatives and especially Mr. Daniel who guided our trip, we had every wish fulfilled and every detail provided resulting in a journey truly unforgettable. With this I would like to thank you for your efforts and also I would like to ask you to pass my best regards to Mr. Daniel along with my deepest thanks for his sincere work.


Athanasios Maloukosa and Petros Kipouros

Athens, Greece


Mali – July 2010

From the moment we stepped off the plane, we felt safe and were spoiled by the kind attention and professional care of Ousmane who immediately took care of our visas, Lamine, our amazing driver and Moussa, our wonderful guide. Mali is the most incredible country full of beautiful people and sights. There is so much to see and learn and we saw so many sights we would not have seen without Moussa’s inside knowledge. Mamadou had patiently helped me tailor-make a tour that included Bamako, Segou, Mopti, Dogon Country and a Niger River pinasse cruise, but we got more than was promised: we gained an insight into a fascinating culture all made possible by the expert knowledge of Continent Tours..and we will be back.

M. Mapstone Greenwich,

Connecticut, USA


Ghana – June 2010

Our trip was amazing! We really appreciated all the hard work you did to make this trip enjoyable! Please pass along that we were EXTREMELY pleased with Continent Tours, especially our tour guide, Mr. George Odoi!”


M. Basler, United States Air Force Academy

Colorado, USA



Dear Mr. Mamadou Goita,

Continent Tours We have just completed our tour in West Africa and come back to Turkey. We had extremely fruitful days in Senegal, The Gambia and Mali. Our group of 22 members belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Travelers Club had seen 9 sites during this trip. First of all, the itinerary you prepared to cover these places was very well programmed. And you and your partners followed and carried out the itinerary very successfully. We all were very happy with the bus, with our guides (Mr. Balla in Senegal – The Gambia part and Mr. Sory in the Mali part), from the hotels you chose, restaurant and the food. No one in our group during those 22 days had any health problems, not even diarrhea. I recommend you and your company to every agency which wants to arrange a West Africa tour. You are a very reliable person and you do your job very meticulously. Thanks again for everything you have done for us.

All the best, Atila Ege, Tour Leader and author of “World Heritage” book


MALI 13-Day December 2009 – January 2010

From: Penny O’Hara To: Panorama Tours regarding my Mali trip with Continent Tours My guide, in all but Timbuktu, had very good English (he was taught by a US Peace Corps volunteer). He was flexible about making adjustments when I didn’t want to do something (trek the sheer cliffs in a Dogon Village). The driver was excellent. My guide in Timbuktu also had good English. The hotel was very nice – new but built on the lines of a traditional home. The chef was very good cooking Western food. My guide took my passport to the post office as soon as I arrived to have it stamped Timbuktu which was fun. I really enjoyed the 7 hours on the Niger. Overall the hotels were fine. Mali is a very, very interesting country but I also felt a difficult place to visit given the hard lives of most people. I think the agent you used was very good and concerned that all went well and that I was happy. All services happened on time. Thank you for your help putting this trip together. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Ms. Penny O’Hara



MALI 15-day Tour 2008

Dear Goita,

Thank you for organizing and arranging such an enjoyable tour of Mali for us from the 24th of July to the 8th of August 2008. Your company Continent Tours organized a very comprehensive and interesting 2 week tour for us. Although days and travel were necessarily long we managed to see many of Mali’s highlights in this time. We particularly enjoyed the opportunities to interact and meet with the local people, Dogon Villages, Tuareg camp site, Timbuktu, village markets, Teriya Bugu and places of interest in the larger centres. These were only made possible by the high standard of service offered by the driver and guide. Lamine was safe, considerate and reliable at all times. His sense of humour, cheerful personality and African music tapes added to the experience. Mr. Sory had a wide knowledge of the peoples and places visited and acted as an able interpreter when accompanied by local guides. His English vocabulary was extensive and was able to make himself clearly understood. The Land Rover was a suitable means of transport and the hotel, though often basic, were satisfactory for our overnight needs. Variable menus were often available. We knew very little on the country of Mali before our visit, but our experiences have broadened our knowledge to include an appreciation of the history, life styles and aspirations of this incredibly interesting nation. Thanks go to You, Mr. Sory and Larmine for this unforgettable experience. We will certainly recommend Mali to other travelers who are looking for a novel experience.


Lois and Graham Allen




Dear Mamadou Goita,

I have now returned from my trip to West Africa and want to thank you for my experiences in Burkina Faso and Mali. The high points were the feeding of live chickens to the sacred crocodiles in Burkina. I would like to return to this area in the future.

Best regards,

Larry Leventhal

New York, USA


Mali-Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania JULY-AUGUST 2007

Hi Continent Tours,

I’d just like to give you some information on my trip. Continent Tours in Mali was almost perfect. Mamadou Goita was an excellent tour guide, highly recommendable. The Niger part you organized through Süleyman in Agadez was great as well; unfortunately the excursion to the Air Massif had to be canceled due to political problems with the local Tuaregs. We visited Zinder instead, which really was worth visiting. It was a magnificent trip.

Thank you,

Bernd W Hamburg,