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Introducing Nigeria, 8 days

On this 8 day tour of Nigeria visit the capital city of Lagos, the slave town of Badagry; purchase Batik fabrics in Itoku market. Drive to Oshogbo to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Oxun Shrine. You will also visit Ile Ife, Kano, Zaria, & Abuja.

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Discover Nigeria, 7 Days

Discover Nigeria. Begin in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, enjoying its markets and museums and taking in panoramic views from the boats that cross it lagoon. Later you will move into the UNESCO world heritage sit of Oshogbo and the town of Ile-Ife, held as a holy city to the Yoruba. Complete your round trip around the country with visits to the citites of Ibadan, Kano, and finally again to Lagos.

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