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Gabon Gorilla Trekking and Safari

In 2002 the government of Gabon designated 10% of the country solely for the formation of protected national parks. Loango National Park, the largest of thirteen, is situated in the southwest (just south of the equator) and protects a diverse coastal habitat, including parts of the 220 km² Iguéla Lagoon, the only West/Central-Africa lagoon ecosystem that is protected within a national park. The 1,550 km² Loango National Park is a mosaic of grassland savannas, remote beaches, numerous types of forests, swamps, mangrove habitats and salt marshes, and is one of best examples of Gabon’s incredible biodiversity. The park offers breathtaking panoramas in every direction together with great possibilities to see many of the 200 mammal species and over 600 bird species found in the country. In Loango National Park, there is opportunity to see forest elephants, forest buffalo, and red river hog among other rare wildlife against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s this spectacle that makes the place truly special. The Loango coastline is truly a window into the ancient past, when wild animals visited the oceans edge along the tropical west/central coast of Africa. This phenomenon exists today only in parts of Gabon, hence the moniker, Africa’s Last Eden. Gabon is politically stable but not yet on the mass tourism radar. There is no better time to visit than now.

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Gabon: Gorillas and More – 5 Days

Spend the New Year in Gabon, Africa's last Eden. Visit the pristine Loango National park, travel to Tassi Camp in Lovango National park one of the last places where large mammals roam freely on the beach. See surfing hippos and forest elephants. Enjoy a cruise to Pte. Ste. Catherine to see nesting sea turtles.

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Cultural Tour of Gabon & Democratic Republic of Congo

Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo offer many highlights for the adventurous traveler, while being immersed in the enthralling culture of the people. Visit the only Bonobo Sanctuary in the world, learn about the cultures of many villages as you witness the rituals and traditions of the people. And, take part in the everyday life of the villagers.

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