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6 Tasty Meals Everyone Loves To Eat When They Go Camping


What’s your favorite food in the entire world? If you could go to any 5-star restaurant with everything you could ever imagine what would you choose? Once you stop daydreaming you might be in for a little disappointment. It’s unlikely you’ll find any of that food on your plate when you go camping. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter when you think about it.

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Anything you stuff into your mouth after a day in the forest is going to taste pretty sweet. That doesn’t mean you can’t at least make an effort and try to cook some nice meals. If you’re interested in getting some menu ideas we can take a look at some classic camping meals everyone loves and if you’ve never tried them before you can give them a try the next time you’re away.


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If anything is going to fill you up after a long day of hiking it’s definitely a bowl of chili. It’s also easy to make in a nice big pot. It should be enough to fill the whole family with enough left over for seconds. If you’re going to keep any until the following day you need to make sure it goes in a proper fridge. A cooler box isn’t going to guarantee the meat stays nice and fresh overnight.

Hotdogs and burgers

These are easy to cook and if you have a good grill they can be done in a short amount of time. Just make sure you don’t cook them too quickly and steal all the juice out of them. Remember to take buns and rolls with you otherwise you’ll be eating the meat by itself. You can also pack a few condiments in case you need ketchup and mustard to make them even better.

Kebabs on a stick

You should prepare these before leaving on your trip, so when you’re at home you can cut up cubes of whatever meat you want to use and marinade them overnight. Now freeze them and throw them in your fridge freezer in the back of the car. On the day you want to use them you can thaw them out and throw them on the barbeque while you get the sticks and veg ready.

Camping breakfast

There are plenty of things you can have for breakfast. Pancakes is always an option and they’re easy to make, but if you want to fill yourself up with something great you can’t get better than bacon, sausage, and beans. After you’ve finished frying your sausage and bacon you could even use the fat to fry some pancakes and have a doubly delicious breakfast.

A baked potato

Baked Potato
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It’s always fun cooking a baked potato because you can do it in such a caveman way. First you need to poke some holes in your potato and then you wrap it up in tin foil. I’m not sure if they had tin foil in caveman times, but let’s not dwell on it. Now you just need to throw your potato onto hot coals, or a piece of the fire that’s not got lots of flames. It should be ready in about 30 minutes and you can eat it with anything.

Thick steaks

If you want to add a little class to your menu then cooking lovely thick steaks is the way to do it. They will honestly make your mouth water as you take each bite. Just wrap some up and throw them into your fridge freezer. You probably don’t want to eat a piece of steak on its own, so you can always combine it with the baked potato and loads of tasty vegetables.


About the guest author: Deborah Harris works as a community manager with techniice based in Australia. She loves camping and recommends the use of a car fridge for having one’s favourite drink during camping trips.

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