Mar 19

5 Tips to Buy Travel Speakers


When you are travelling, you need portable speakers that are small enough to fit into your bag and give good sound. Without them, you will be totally dependent on your headphones, which, though not a bad option, are not the same as speakers.  Consider the following when you are buying travel speakers so that they can be easily used when you are travelling.

  1. Size of Travel Speakers– You will get these speakers in various sizes and all of them portable. Some will be small enough to fit in your purse, a little bigger to carry in your bag or large size that will fit inside your suitcase. The size you buy depends on the kind of bag that you usually carry with you. But, one thing is sure, you need them to fit inside your travel bag or pack. If you can fold them, then you can save additional space. Also, check the mode of charging them – whether they need batteries or do they have adaptors.
  2. How To Play Travel Speakers – How they play, i.e., their source of power is another consideration. Will you connect them to your laptop, another music device or do they have to be connected to a power source? If your speakers play on being connected to your laptop, then its good but if you have to connect them to an MP3 player, you will need a charging jack or a 3.5 mm headphones. But, the advantage for speakers, which need charging jack, is that they are compatible will all MP3 devices.
  3. How To Charge Speakers – Now, you will have to charge your speakers regularly to keep using them. What kind of charger do they have? Can you charge them using batteries or do they have adaptors? If you are playing music by connecting your speakers to an MP3 device via charging jack, then they will get charged via the adaptors that are plugged into the wall. And, if you are playing music via speakers connected to your laptop, then they will be charged simultaneously when playing music.
  4. Sound Of Travel Speakers – Sound should be your first consideration when you are buying travel speakers. The reviews may go gaga over the sound but, unless you try them out, you won’t know about the quality of the sound. So, ask around and, if anyone in your family or friends has these speakers then you can try them out and if you are satisfied, then you can go ahead with the purchase. In fact, sound quality is so important that you can compromise with the size of the speakers and get a bigger size if the sound is better on them.

Keep these aspects in mind when you are buying travel speakers. If you’re too lazy to find one for yourself or are just about to leave for your trip in 1-2 days and do not have time to explore your options further, you can consider this funky speaker and matching men’s fashion accessory from Opumo.

You may come across many speakers that look good, are sleek and may fit in to your travel bag. You will also find speakers that will fill into a small purse but before you purchase them, make sure that they are the right speakers for you. You do not want to buy them, only to realize later that you cannot use them.

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