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15 Myths about Budget Traveling


Traveling on a budget is not as easy as one thinks. There are many myths surrounding budget travel, starting from rail travel is cheaper in Europe to the fear that one has to share hostel rooms. Here we bust 15 popular budget travel myths for you, so go travel on a budget without fear from now on.

1. You’ll Have To Share Your Hostel Room

The word ‘hostel’ comes with images of dirt, debauchery and drugs, shared rooms and lack of proper sanitation. However, that’s not always the case.  Use to search for hostel stays. You can filter searches based on ratings, security locker availability and actual photos.

2. Traveling Off Season Is Budget-Wise But Disappointing

What you must do is research off season locations where you can do the things you want to do even off season. So target places that have cultural interest, sights, historical perspective and so on even if the seasonal activity is closed down.

3. You Can Enjoy Low Fare Benefit Only If You Sacrifice A Weekend

Giving up your Saturday will certainly get you a lower fare, but budget airlines are offering low fares even otherwise. Those companies that are inflexible suffer financial loss since there are many budget airlines nowadays that don’t care for travel restrictions.

4. Buy Items At The Duty-Free Shops If You Want Them Cheap

Duty free shops don’t exactly offer you discounted prices or low prices. You’ll be paying full price plus tax. The only savings comes in the form of reduced tax or tax free items. It’s better to buy the same things within the city than at duty free airport shops.

5. Rail Travel Is Cheaper Than Renting Cars In Europe

If you are traveling with family, buying individual tickets for Europe Rail may turn out to be more expensive than renting a car. However, if you are traveling alone, rail travel is the best way to see Europe.

6. Get A Mileage Credit Card If You Want Free Travel

Any credit card is only as good as the interest it charges you. Compare the travel discounts you’re getting to your annual interest, late payment interests and penalties and usage limitations. It’s better to get discounts elsewhere.

7. Don’t Travel By Air In Europe If You Want To Save Money

Budget air carriers in Europe offer you the unparalleled advantage of low fares, coupled with time savings. Opt for a mix of rail, car and air travel to save money and time while maximizing enjoyment.

8. Budget Travelers Should Avoid Expensive Cities

Cities are only as expensive as your habits are. A true budget traveler knows how to take advantage of public transportation, food-on-the-go, backpacking, hostel, homestays or camp stays to worry about expense. It’s all about research, planning and patient execution.

9. Food-On-The Go Is A Sure Way To Get Ill

Budget travelers like to eschew eating at restaurants and prefer street food to save money. You can stay healthy if you follow the local crowd, avoid food that’s been kept outside for long and follow general hygiene guidelines.

10. Only Poor People Need To Travel On Budget

If you want to see more of this world and more frequently, budget travel is the best way to get more out of your dollar. Most well do to people have realized this fact, which is why more and more people are budget traveling these days.

11. You Won’t Be Able To See Much On A Budget Travel

The best attractions are for free. Overpriced attractions and events are mostly hyped up because they attract people. Budget travelers all over the world are getting more out of their travel than those that take up expensive tour packages.

12. Budget Travel Is Not Safe

Budget travel only involves doing everything you can to stretch your dollar a little more. That does not mean you disregard safety precautions. Be mindful of your safety at all times and thoroughly research your destination before you travel.

13. Bidding For A Hotel Room Reduces Your Standing

You can use sites such as to bid for hotels. Bidding for a hotel room does not reduce your standing at the hotel, nor does it afford you sub-standard treatment. You are eligible for all amenities, including airport transfers and hotel cab service. Remember there’s no refund if you bid and it’s best not to overbid.

14. Budget Travel Makes Sense Only For Whole Families

Budget travel helps you enjoy great travel without breaking the bank, whether you’re going solo or with family. The savings potential is just as good as the learning potential.

15. Don’t Use Up Frequent Flier Miles

Frequent flyer miles are not easy to accumulate, and they may expire within 18 months if there’s no account activity or within 12 months with activity. It’s best to use them whenever possible instead of allowing them to expire.


About the guest author: Teena writes for Australian gifts for men Company that offers a large range of unique and thrilling gift ideas all across Australia.

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