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Ghana is one of the most popular vacation destinations in West Africa. Visitors are attracted to Ghana’s historical sites, fascinating culture, exciting festivals, and beautiful beaches. Ghana is home to Mole National Park in northern Ghana and Kakum National Park in the Central Region with its 130 foot high aerial walkway.
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Senegal is West Africa’s most visited country and its most stable democracy. From the varied wildlife to the well preserved history, from the exotic and abundant birdlife to modern resorts along beautiful beaches, from the cheerful exuberance of a typical African market scene, to the bustling daily routine in the busy streets, the welcome in Senegal is always warm.
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Mali, the second largest country in West Africa, is blessed with fascinating destinations including the legendary city of Timbuktu, the Bandiagara Cliffs of Dogon Country, and the Grand Mosque of Djenne which is the world largest mud-brick architecture. Cultural events, exciting festivals, numerous ethnic groups with their traditional customs are other highlights that bring travelers to this mysterious country. Not to be missed are events such as the Dogon Mask Dances and the annual Festival In The Desert.
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